flanked by two snow-white jade screens. She was sitting in front of me at the table. Her figure was graceful and moving, and she seemed to be carrying the essence of every move she made. An unparalleled nobility.

“Mountain Master, all the information collected from inside and outside the Tianyi Sect is here!”
In the palace, an old monk with fluttering sleeves and a gray beard slightly arched his hands.
He is the patrolling elder of the Fourth Lingshan Mountain and holds a high position of authority.
But in front of this extremely beautiful figure, he was extremely respectful.
“Okay, I understand. Elder Qi Shan, please go down!”
The old monk glanced at the graceful and moving figure on the main seat, slightly cupped his hands, and walked away from Dewei Palace.
Just as the old monk left, he saw a group of auras flying out around this extremely beautiful figure. There seemed to be countless creatures emerging from the auras. They were dressed in feathers and looked like fairies from the Nine Heavens Yaochi. They were all graceful and graceful.
At this time chirping.
“Xue Qiong, what kind of person is this Emperor of Great Xia? How dare he marry you? Do you think he has a long life?”
“Bah, bah, bah, our Xue Qiong is not a white tiger evil star, why are you cursing Xue Qiong!”
A series of delicate laughter sounded in the palace.
“You are the one who cursed Young Master Xue Qiong. What the Nu family means is that Young Master Xue Qiong has a unique destiny and is beyond the reach of ordinary people. In addition to this, there are several powerful characters among Xue Qiong’s suitors. If anyone dares to marry Xue Qiong, Young Master Qiong, doesn’t he think his life is too long?”
The incomparably beautiful figure paid no attention to these chirping sounds.
He just casually picked up a bunch of jade slips on the case table.
The jade slips contained information about the Emperor of Great Xia collected by the Tianyi Sect.
Including birth, cultivation, and several battles that can be found on the bright side, as well as some information that requires the use of abnormal means to find out.
/Finally, there is part of the information jointly deduced by many experts in the Tianyi Sect who are good at deduction. Although that part of the information has not been confirmed, it also has some reference value.
/These things are hard to come by.
With Emperor Dongzhou gaining enlightenment, many Immortal Sects no longer dare to investigate these things easily, lest they become known to Emperor Dongzhou and eventually offend the Emperor of Dongzhou and cause big trouble for themselves.
Especially for the many details inside, only a super large sect like Tianyi Sect with true immortals or even immortal-level ancestors secretly investigating can collect so much precious information.
She glanced at the first jade slip.
“The Zhang family, Dongzhou, former dynasty, Fengxi County, Fengyang County, was smart since childhood, learned a lot and had a strong memory. He passed the provincial examination at the age of fourteen, p