The howling of the insect swarm suddenly stopped. Due to the height of the ‘Cyclops Beetle’, this was originally the reason why it was chosen to provoke the insect swarm, but now it has become a way for more insects to see it being sniped. Reason for killing.
Babington Chaofan, who was sitting far behind and commanding, saw this amazing scene through the video from the front. He couldn’t help but open his mouth wide and was stunned for a moment.
But soon the responsibility of being a commander suddenly woke him up, and he understood what had just happened.
“Immediately project the video of David sniping the ‘Cyclops Beetle’ to the defense line of the frontline base and to the troops in the rear, so that all soldiers participating in the war can see this scene!” Babington ordered loudly.
Babington was very aware of the importance of morale in war, and David’s long-range sniper kill was a shot in the arm.
From the ‘Cyclops Beetle”s arrogant provocation, then turning around, to David’s sniping, to the ‘Cyclops Beetle’ falling in front of the insect swarm, in the end the entire insect swarm fell silent, as if they were petrified.
In front of the soldiers’ battle formation at the defense line, a huge projection appeared, and all the soldiers participating in the battle saw the process of David’s sniper attack.
“David, invincible!” I don’t know who shouted out first, and then all the soldiers shouted loudly.
The sound spread farther and farther, from the defense line to the rear. The reserve troops also saw David’s sniping process. After hearing the shouts from the front line, they also shouted.
/David saw the projection in front of him and was slightly stunned. He did not expect that his sniping process would become publicity.
But he didn’t pay attention to this anymore, and he didn’t even pay attention to the subsequent shouting, because the insect tide was completely angered by David’s counter-provocation.
The insect tide began to surge toward the defense line. In the past, when a hundred thousand insect swarms charged, the scope of the insect swarm could still be seen, but today’s insect tide was completely different. There were almost endless insects rushing towards this side.
Shadow Warrior had already flown into the sky, and David was in the best sniping state. He was waiting. The medium pressure of his ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ was a super-large caliber three-level sniper bullet.
The second-level Zerg is not his primary target at the moment. This is mainly because there are too many second-level Zerg. Even if he kills a few of them, it will not affect the situation.
David’s sniper targets are still focused on the third-level Zerg. This is the terrifying combat power that truly threatens the defense line.
/Just when David was scanning the figure of the third-level Zerg through the eyes of the Shadow Warrior, he suddenly noticed a scorching bright light in the distance, which was very eye-catching even in the daytime.
Shadow Warrior flew high enough and could see very far away. At a distance of about