of the ballistic trajectory.

At a distance of three thousand meters, the ‘Phantom Millipede’ arrived in front of it in just a few leaps, and the sniper bullets flew out from behind this big rock.
The ‘Phantom Millipede’ rushed toward the boulder, and at the same time, its uninjured forelimbs blocked the surrounding area of ??the boulder to prevent David from escaping.
With a “boom”, the rubble on the ground behind the boulder flew up, but there was only one sound shielding device. At this time, the sound shielding device had been torn into pieces by a forelimb.
The reason why the ‘Phantom Millipede’ attacks behind the boulder with all its strength is that it senses something abnormal behind the boulder and blocks the sound. However, when it gets closer, the sound in this area will be missing and it will become a target.
The ‘Phantom Millipede’ felt that it had been deceived. Because of its head injury, its anger caused the injury to relapse. Its forelimbs stretched out and used the power of its body to smash the boulder in front of it into pieces, causing dust and gravel to fly.
The three extraordinary beings had already caught up. This time, the three extraordinary beings did not relax and surrounded the ‘Phantom Millipede’ in a triangular shape.
Thousands of meters away, David, who was wearing camouflage cloth, readjusted his custom-made large-caliber sniper rifle and calmly locked the Phantom Millipede again.
Kenny Chaofan felt guilty for his mistake. He jumped up with a third-grade heavy ax in hand, raised the heavy ax above his head, and struck down hard.
The influence of hormones on the ‘Phantom Millipede’ is slowly fading away, and its combat power is not as good as before. Facing Kenny’s extraordinary attack, it can only resist with its forelimbs.
/Dunbar Extraordinary and Beecher Extraordinary also activated, and the weapons in their hands attacked the heart of the ‘Phantom Millipede’.
The ‘Phantom Millipede”s response was still the same, with its forelimbs blocking separately.
At the moment when the ‘Phantom Millipede’ used its other forelimb at the front, David, who was a thousand meters away, fired a third-level sniper bullet from the sniper rifle without any hesitation.
David was waiting for this opportunity, an opportunity to prevent the ‘Phantom Millipede’ from using its two forelimbs at the front.
David did not believe that all the forelimbs of the ‘Phantom Millipede’ could protect themselves instantly. It was impossible for every forelimb to react in time when the sniper bullets flew in front of them. If that was the case, ‘Phantom Millipede’ Millipede’s attack power is not just in the middle or upper reaches of the third-level Zerg.
One of the two forelimbs had been broken off by a sniper bullet just now, and now the last one was trying to block Kenny’s extraordinary heavy axe.
Without the sound barrier, a loud noise came from David’s position, but faster than the sound was the third-grade sniper bullet fired.
This third-grade sniper bullet did not disappoint David. At the moment wh