n afterimage of his body on the spot. When the afterimage disappeared, he also disappeared into the hall.

David was extremely horrified by this speed of teleportation.
“Butler, I want to go watch the game!” David requested the butler.
“Sir, please be sure to stay at least one thousand meters away from the battlefield, otherwise your safety cannot be guaranteed!” The butler had no intention of stopping David, he just reminded him.
David nodded to express his understanding. He walked out of the hall and saw Baron Du Bois, who was already a thousand meters away.
Just as David was about to follow him out, there were footsteps behind him.
“Mr. David, I will go with you to watch Uncle Du Bois fight!” Knight Miller chased out and said to David.
The poison in Knight Miller’s body has been basically eliminated, and the remaining traces can only be slowly expelled.
He had just tidied himself up in the room and was about to go out to accompany his savior David, but he heard the knight’s report. A level four Zerg broke through the defense line and was about to come to the castle. Baron Dubois went to fight it. .
How could Knight Miller let go of this opportunity? There were not many opportunities to see Baron Dubois fighting live.
Although Baron Dubois would usually guide him in battle, he knew very well that Baron Dubois did not display even 10% of his combat power.
So he stopped David at this moment and asked to go with him.
/“Is your health okay?” David asked a little worriedly, and then looked at the housekeeper aside with questioning eyes.
“Don’t worry, the poison has been cured. I’m in good health and I’m not going to fight. I’ll be fine!” Knight Miller assured, patting his chest.
The butler had a helpless look on his face and nodded towards David.
Knight Miller was a direct descendant of the family and a genius in cultivation, so he was sent to Battle Star to be trained by Baron Dubois.
With this status of Knight Miller, no one can control him in the castle except Baron Dubois.
This time Miller Knight secretly entered the Zerg-occupied area, which was also a willful act.
“You follow me, we stay away and watch the battle!” David could only agree.
/Knight Miller summoned his own horse, mounted it and dressed himself as if he were going into battle.
Seeing this scene, David felt even more headache. He could only pray that the fourth-level Zerg would not target them.
Of course, with their strength, it is estimated that it will be difficult to attract the attention of the fourth-level Zerg, which is why David dared to go and watch the battle.
Baron Dubois also stopped. A line of armor composed of white light appeared outside his armor. This white light armor was as solid as substance.
At this moment, even his face could not be seen clearly, and his body was completely wrapped in white light armor.
Although the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ is crazy, it is also extremely intelligent. It will not act casually when it encounters enemies of the same level.
Of course, the battle is inevitable. The smell of insect e