y. It seems that there is a newcomer in the family who has withstood the erosion of the seven evil bloodlines and inspired the true spirit of the ‘Purple Soul Sky Eyes’ in the family. Bloodline.” He lowered his head and put the documents in his hands on the wooden table, and the detective loudly reported the results of the detection to the commander of the headquarters.

Lowering his head to direct one document after another without raising his head, the huge and powerful Third Eye commander asked in a letter: “Which level of monk in the clan is he? No matter which department he originally belongs to, he will apply tomorrow.” Transfer him to our ‘Tianmu’. During this period, we have suffered a lot of personnel losses in order to support the frontline battlefields, and without the True Spirit Bloodline Purple Soul Tianjing, can the ‘Tianmu’ still be called the ‘Tianmu’? I want to come to that The old guys should be on our side this time. After all, the United Front Team already has enough experts, and the logistics team doesn’t need to occupy such high-quality talents. Thinking about it, our ‘Tianmu’ still has the ability to compete with other departments. Some absolute advantages.”
/While giving orders to the men in front of him, he murmured to himself. He didn’t know whether he was speaking to his men or to himself. But after hearing his words, that man The rather capable “Tianmu” members hesitated to leave.
“What’s wrong?” After noticing the strangeness of his subordinates, Commander Tianmu asked with a frown. No leader wants to see his subordinates hesitating about his orders, let alone a special profession like a reconnaissance monk, which requires a very high speed to act vigorously and resolutely.
Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the subordinate bowed and saluted, and said with a wry smile: “Sir, this situation is a bit special. It is not that a high-ranking monk in the clan slowly inspired the Purple Soul Sky Eyes with his profound cultivation. Judging from the fluctuations and intensity of the bloodline awakening this time, it seems that a minor tribesman has revived the full form of the true spirit bloodline ‘Purple Soul Sky Eye’.”
“Hmm~” He let out a long voice. The subordinate’s words made the strong intelligence commander slowly stop the work at hand and put the situation information that the subordinate had just placed on the wooden table in his hands. He copied it and flipped through a few pages. Even though the special mask prevented ordinary people from seeing or seeing his expression, the dignified meaning of slowly turning the pages was still revealed.
The complete state of the Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes awakened by the seven evil blood pulses striking the mind and the Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes forcibly inspired by one’s own skills in the future are two completely different meanings and existences. This is like comparing a limited edition Ferrari to an ordinary QQ. Although they are both cars, one door of the Ferrari is worth more than the entire car of the ordinary QQ combined.
/The same is true