f the Blood Soul City Guards and the Blood Soul United Front Department experts. When he broke into the Zhifu Wang family directly, the demon purple bat cut the neck of a direct disciple of the Zhifu Wang family with one knife, then placed the strange double-edged knife stained with dripping blood in front of him, and gently licked the remaining blood on the knife head. , with a look of bloodthirsty and pleasure.

“Damn it, young master is back, we can finally stand up and take some air. I have been suppressed and suppressed for the past six months, and I almost went crazy.” While talking, the demon purple bat controlled the knife to kill people while walking around, even if it was on paper In the fierce resistance of Wang Fu’s family, he still looked like a ghost, invincible.
Although there is no more wanton killing, the opponent cut by the demon sword in the demon purple bat’s hand still loses combat effectiveness immediately. The special knife combined with the special sword technique allows the person who is slashed by him, no matter how big the wound was originally, to be injured. The rapid blood loss caused him to completely lose his combat effectiveness in a short period of time, and even most medical methods had no effect on his stab wounds.
Compared with the demonic purple bat’s ghostly ferocity, the raptor Taoist’s escape technique is simple, and the claw attack does not look so bloody and brutal, but there are not less Wang family masters who have fallen in his hands. The simplicity is just because of refinement, and the simplicity is just because of pursuit. Effective.
The demon purple bat’s complaints made no sense to him. Since many years ago, apart from his daughter, there were very few things in this world that could move him.
“Since we have devoted ourselves to the young master, we will naturally be imprinted with the traces of the Chongfengsi lineage. If the young man does not come back, the political opponents of the Chongqingsi will suppress us, and the forces close to the young master will not reuse us, so hiding and suppressing us are inevitable. Now, the young master is back, and you will also make a lot of profits due to your efforts and vision. Did you hear? The young master’s income in the last mission, if it is true, you and I will pay very soon You will get the most generous rewards.”
/“You mean, Foundation Establishment Pill!?” At this point, the demon purple bat’s hand trembled slightly. Originally it only wanted to chop a member of the Wang family, but at this time, this slight tremor caused the sharp knife to strike. The light directly cut off the unlucky guy at the waist, and blood and intestines spilled all over the ground, looking extremely filthy.
At the same time, the remaining seven city-protecting sects also received information that the masters of the Blood Soul Ridge Consecration Department were surrounding the Zhifu Wang family. This kind of embarrassing incident made them react extremely quickly. Many city guards in the entire Blood Soul Giant City were almost complet