ate. The municipal bureau’s personnel department strongly supported his introduction, but it was unheard of for overseas returnees to join the public security team.

The municipal bureau reported its materials to the Ministry of Public Security, which had never encountered such a situation. However, in order to introduce special talents to improve the scientific and technological strength of the public security, considering that this problem must be solved sooner or later, the Ministry then reported it to the Human Resources Department. After careful study, the Human Resources Department decided to recruit special talents and agreed to admit them.
In other words, he is a “newcomer” and has never been exposed to the “courtesy exchanges” between these units before.
“No need, really no need. Commissar Yuan, you must be very tired after traveling for a long time. Find a place to stay nearby. I have your mobile phone number. As soon as the results come out, I will notify you to come and get the appraisal report.” ”
/How can this be done? , Director Zhou, one meal, just one meal, won’t take up much of your time.”
/“Don’t be so polite, that’s it, I’ll see you off.” After
finally coming here, of course you have to learn something, Han Bo hesitated to speak, but Director Zhou keenly realized that he had something to say. He turned sideways and asked with a smile: “Comrade Han Bo, do you have something wrong?”
“Report to Director Zhou, our county public security bureau does not have such good technical conditions. There are no experts like you who can do such cutting-edge and authoritative technical appraisals, but we have an urgent need to use new technologies to investigate difficult cases. I, I want to learn how to survey a scene and how to collect biological evidence.”
I thanked you, I was so busy treating guests that I almost forgot about the business.
The Chinese New Year is about to come, and there are a lot of things in the bureau. What I want to do in Donghai in person is to establish contact with the laboratory and build a good relationship. I can ask others for help when I encounter major cases in the future.
They are so enthusiastic, so it should be no problem to do the appraisal. It’s up to you to survey the scene and collect DNA evidence.
Political Commissar Yuan calmed down and said hurriedly: “Director Zhou, Comrade Han Bo is the leader of the anti-trafficking squadron of our county bureau. He is also the youngest police station chief and the hardest-working policeman in our county bureau. He is an undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering and is working as a corporate security guard. When I was a cadre, I took the bar qualification exam and got the lawyer qualification. Now I take the self-study exam and I will get a double bachelor’s degree immediately. I am young, have a good memory, and have strong understanding ability. I am engaged in political work, and I am old, so I can’t learn it. He can. After he learns it, he can teach such good technical skills to other comrades in the crimi