y years that a Taoist man has been arrested.

y years that a Taoist man has been arrested.
Director Ji was afraid that the chief would mistakenly think that comrades from Liangzhuang Police Station were randomly labeling people, so he pulled two chairs and explained: “I have seen the two suspects from the Huidao Sect who were detained, and they were taken to the station to go through the formalities. They were so arrogant that they actually In the bureau, they were clamoring to use their thoughts to deal with Xiao Han. I didn’t know that he was a Taoist at first and thought he was crazy. I started a Taoism by myself, practiced qigong, and practiced being possessed. I also defrauded people of their money under the guise of teaching qigong, and the total amount involved was as high as More than three hundred thousand, no matter what they can do, once it is allowed to spread, the consequences will be disastrous.”
After all, he studied law, and he deserves to be qualified as a lawyer.
First, characterize the crime, determine the crime, and then carry the legal banner. Director Zhang was so dumbfounded that he sat down and said with a bitter smile: “Lao Ji, those two suspects practice Zhong Gong.”
There were not many Qigong practitioners in the county. Director Ji didn’t know what kind of organization the subordinates of “Contact” were dealing with. He asked in confusion: “So what about Zhong Gong? It conforms to all the characteristics of Huidao Sect. Chanting After worshiping gods, they are still fake gods, engaging in personality worship, cheating, and engaging in illegal and criminal activities. Xiao Han is already very conservative. If Lao Lu is left to his own devices, he must condemn them as counterrevolutionaries.”
When Lao Lu got involved, It’s different.
Director Zhang relaxed and asked with a smile, “What else did he say?”
/“He said that the veteran cadres and revolutionaries in the township were extremely dissatisfied with this and jointly reported it, demanding that the township party committee and our public security department investigate and deal with it severely. The amount involved was more than 300,000 yuan. Many people who were deceived also reported to the police station. He reported it yesterday at Liangzhuang, and the political commissar was also there.” Political
Commissar Yuan sighed and said, “I did report it, but I didn’t expect so many people to say hello.”
“How many did you pick up? ?” Director Zhang took out his mobile phone and asked.
“I have answered a total of six calls since I started working. I only know one of them, and I don’t know the other five. I have never met them.”
/As soon as he finished speaking, his phone rang again.
Director Zhang looked at the caller ID, stood up to answer the call, and said with an embarrassed look: “Director Qian, I’m sorry, I just arrived at the bureau and just learned about the situation. Oops, this matter is more troublesome. Listen to me, arrest those two people. It was carried out by the Liangzhuang Public Security Commissioner of our Public Security Bureau under the leader