Hou Xiufeng said . Picking up the tea cup, he asked out of curiosity: “Where is the apartment in Fuli Apartment?”
“It was rented out and has not been returned over the years.”
Xu Xingdong could roughly guess how much the yard was worth, and said with a half-smile: “Xiao Han, I didn’t see it, it turns out you are a rich man!”
/Han Bo scratched his head, not knowing how to explain.
Hou Xiufeng didn’t want to change the topic, so he revealed the old story with great interest: “Old Xu, Han Bo is not a local rich man, but a rich man! His father is very capable. He was originally a carpenter, and later he took a group of apprentices to the East China Sea to do decoration. As we grow bigger, we now not only have a decoration engineering company with good profits, but also a decoration materials market covering an area of ??more than 100 acres. I passed by Donghai a few years ago and heard a friend from Donghai say that the land in the market alone is now worth two More than 100 million.”
“A billionaire!”
“Brother Xu, please stop making fun of me. I have made no contribution to the family in terms of economy. My father, including my father-in-law, are today because they took advantage of the reform and opening up. If you adopt good policies, you will catch up with the good times.”
“You can support the brave to death and starve the timid to death. Your father is indeed capable.” Xu Xingdong smiled and said half-jokingly: “If my family had hundreds of millions in assets, I would If you’re not a cadre, what are you doing to make money? Isn’t it just about enjoying yourself?”
The old leader would not talk about this topic for no reason, let alone when he was meeting someone for the first time.
Han Bo pondered for a moment and said bluntly: “Hou Chang, Brother Xu, I’m not afraid of your jokes. Of course it’s good to be rich. I was born before the reform and opening up. I lived in the countryside before going to college and had a hard life.” , I cherish my current life of having no worries about food and clothing. But after a certain amount of money, especially for a cadre like me, it’s hard to say whether it is a good thing or not.” The old
subordinate was indeed sober, and Hou Xiufeng nodded with satisfaction.
Xu Xingdong put down his tea cup and smiled without saying a word.
“In the eyes of the masses, a good official is someone who is clean-minded or even penniless. If a leading cadre has a lot of money or a lot of assets, no matter where your money and assets come from, whether they are legal or not, they will automatically be associated with corruption. My family It is not easy to be here today. My father, my father-in-law and even my wife have paid so much for this. I feel sorry for them just sitting back and enjoying the results, let alone pursuing personal political ambitions, being a so-called upright official, or When you are an official of any age, be generous to others and donate their hard-earned money.”
/Han Bo looked back at the kitchen and continued: “The last time I returned to China