hands and said.

“You, I know you just got a lot of points!” Master Leo said a little cryptically, because the krypton crystal mine has not been made public yet, but David understood it clearly.
“There is still a long way to go before we can exchange for the ‘Spirit-Slaying Heavy Ax Technique’!” David shook his head helplessly.
“At your speed, you can accumulate enough points this year at most!” Master Leo said with a smile.
Sitting on David’s left was David, and on his right was a medium-sized shop owner. Seeing Master Leo talking to David, he quickly stood up and gave up his seat.
At seven thirty, the lights in the auction hall changed, and then the space in the auction hall suddenly expanded to more than five times its current size.
/The extra space was filled with people wearing fine clothes, and second-floor boxes appeared around the auction hall.
David knew that these were pictures of the headquarters of Deli Auction House in Chia City, using virtual reality projection to merge two auction venues that were several star fields apart into one.
“Good evening, distinguished guests, I am Beryl, the auctioneer of this auction!” On the auction stage in front, a voluptuous blonde beauty walked up. She looked at everyone present with her crystal clear eyes. Said with a smile.
Even though he knew that this was a virtual reality projected from Chia City, David’s sensitive hearing still heard some exclamations from the audience, which were exclamations about Beryl’s auctioneer’s beauty.
“Don’t underestimate this woman, she is the ace auctioneer of Deli Auction House. With her participating in the auction, the value of the auction will increase!” David said softly to David from the side.
David nodded. This kind of beauty comes to the auction not only to gain favor from the beauty, but also to gain some face in front of the beauty. Some people will be more impulsive than usual.
“Why use credit points for auction?” David asked with a frown.
He doesn’t have much interest in credits. After discovering the kryptonite mine, he won’t have to think about credits at all in the future.
“This is just a weekly auction, and the previous auction items are all relatively common items!” David explained for David.
“David, most of the items auctioned at the auction are items of special value. Some are extremely rare, and some have special functions. Unless specified by the auctioneer, these items are normally settled with credit points!” Master Ao also said on the side.
Most of the auction items that followed were the same, including those from the base and those from Chia City.
The auction items at the base are mainly Zerg-related items. As research deepens, many Zerg body parts can produce special effects.
Of course, there are also Zerg-related items that are purely ornamental, such as the silk of the ‘Ghost-faced Spider’, which is a material for making top-grade fabrics.
The auction items in Chia City are more complicated. There are equipment, weapons, medicines, etc., almost all related to combat. This is an auction spec