zing his main opponent, he deployed other unexposed intelligence personnel to ambush Ian and the “team leader” of the Fusac Empire, hoping to find the manuscript and bring out Lu without MI9 being aware of it. The Kingdom of Grace.

Things were progressing as smoothly as he expected, but the news that came back in the evening made him feel extremely heavy.
Someone from MI9 actually showed up
/They were supposed to be hidden, but they showed up.
With Rosago here, it is definitely not a factor in divination, and MI9 is ??not good at divination at all. This shows that there is a moth inside us. I hope Rosago can take the lead, get the manuscript, and give it to the “Shadow” to take away Backlund in order to avoid suspicion. , deliberately organized the dance, so he could no longer interfere with the progress of the matter, and could only pray for the help of his subordinates.
According to his arrangement, after Rosago obtains the item, he will immediately transfer the item to another intelligence agent who has never been used before. Then, Rosago will lure away the people from MI9 and create a Some incidents continued to interfere with the “line of sight” and attract the attention of his companions. In the process, Backlund asked Rosago to kill the little detective smoothly.
If it hadn’t been for him, the people from MI9 would not have known about the matter, and everything would have been very smooth. My connection with the Zmange Party would not have been exposed, and I would not have been transferred back to the country. He did not escape, thinking that the military intelligence The people from the Ninth Division will always protect him. It is safer to stay at home than to run away. Backlund rubbed his face.
He has received the order. After the operation corresponding to the manuscript is completed, he will hand over the intelligence-related matters to the first-class military attaché of the embassy and wait for the new ambassador to take office and hand over.
Backlund is quite reluctant to leave here. Although Backlund has bad weather and heavy pollution, it is one of the most prosperous cities in the world.
Moreover, the ladies and ladies here are more conservative, not those sluts in China. Slowly seducing them into bed and removing their conservativeness bit by bit is a very fulfilling and fascinating thing. Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to these beautiful people. Well, Backlund thought a little depressed, and became increasingly resentful of the little detective who dared to resist.
As for Rosago’s own safety, Backlund is not worried at all. He believes that as long as the opponent is willing and is not locked by a high-sequence strong person, he can escape immediately. This is because Rosago has special extraordinary abilities.
As he was thinking about it, Beckland’s eyes suddenly lit up and he saw a young girl in a dark red dress standing on the edge of the balcony holding a wine glass.
She has a beautiful face and elegant temperament, her dark hair is flowing and smooth, and her light brown