Klein was overjoyed that Beckron was dead and his team had succeeded, and his tense state suddenly relaxed.
/Without Rosago’s interference, he believed the result was correct
This matter is finally over. Klein took a breath and slowly exhaled it.
He slowly leaned back on the back of the sofa, looking tiredly and relaxedly at the looming crimson moon outside the window.
In the embassy of the Republic of Intis, two military attachés half-crouched next to Beckron’s body, examining the cause of his death.
Their companions and their superiors had already chased away and tried to catch the assassin, but everyone understood that it was already too late and there was no hope.
“The lungs are severely damaged, and the fatal blow from the suspected disease is very powerful, stronger than the attacks of all Sequence 5 Extraordinaries I have ever seen,” one of the military attachés said in a low voice.
“There are obvious traces of flesh and blood magic on the floor and bed of the disease, but not on the walls, and the sounds and movements of the fighting could not be conveyed. Coupled with the corrosion and annihilation characteristics of the fatal blow, there are at least four unrelated Extraordinary ability.” Another military attache stood up and described the situation at the scene as if he was talking to himself.
He suddenly paused, looked at each other with the other military attache, and said at the same time:
After a few seconds of silence, the squatting military attache frowned and said:
“Maybe a gang, at least four different Beyonders”
“Then let’s wait to be judged. Bishop Rose alone sneaked into the ambassador’s side through secret methods. We didn’t find it normal. How the other three sneaked in is impossible.” The standing military attaché denied this guess. He hesitated and said, “But I heard that another sequence can also produce similar effects. It seems to be called the record officer. I don’t know which route it is from or which organization it belongs to.”
The squatting military attache nodded and said:
“Shepherd is the biggest suspect. The Aurora Society is full of lunatics. It’s not surprising that they do anything. Let’s investigate from the identity of the woman who seduced the ambassador. Damn it, the Kingdom of Loen will definitely not let us investigate on our own.”
“The Aurora Society is a bunch of damn lunatics who deserve to have their butts fucked.” The standing military attaché shook his head in annoyance.
If the ambassador is assassinated, they will inevitably be punished to a certain extent.
At No. 15 Minsk Street, Klein pretended that nothing happened, endured fatigue, and read the newspaper.
After more than twenty minutes, he suddenly saw a bodyguard lady wearing a black palace dress and long pale blond hair emerging from the bay window.
“It’s done” Klein asked subconsciously.
The bodyguard lady nodded slightly but did not speak.
Hu Klein thought for a while and said:
“Thank you for your protection. This matter ends here.”
“I will pay you the remaining 90