th miniature Star Destroyer cannons as the main guns on the warship.

Originally, it was a helpless move to use the Gauss cannon as the main gun of the Razer modified ship, but now it is different. The Razer modified ship finally has a real main gun.
The Micro Star Destroyer Main Cannon is a simplified version of the Star Destroyer Cannon. It adopts the main design structure of the Star Destroyer Cannon and can accommodate more energy to increase the attack effect.
The energy provided by the two warp engines on the Razer modified ship when activated to the maximum is the strongest attack power of the miniature Star Destroyer main gun.
The most expensive thing about the miniature Star Destroyer main gun is not the special alloy materials, but the technology contained in it. The Star Destroyer gun is one of the strongest defensive weapons of the Interstellar Federation, and its technology is extremely confidential.
Although the miniature Star Destroyer main gun is only a simplified version, it is not so easy to obtain.
This also shows that Starflyer Company attaches great importance to David. The recognized title of “Invincible Soldier” plays a big role.
With the current combat effectiveness of the Razer modified ship, the military’s Razer light frigate, the predecessor of the Razer modified ship, does not have such strong firepower.
Of course, this also means that the Razer modified ship can no longer enter the ground of any planet, and can only park in an airport in space or low-Earth orbit.
Nothing can be perfect, and David doesn’t pay much attention to this shortcoming.
“Sir, we are expected to arrive at the scheduled location at twelve thirty-one minutes and twenty-six seconds!” Captain Hope reported to David.
David looked at the time, which meant that he would arrive near the Yak planet in ten minutes.
“Hope, I’m going to prepare. When you arrive at the predetermined location, you stay for five minutes, and then leave on your own, away from the Yak planet, find a safe airspace to hide, and wait for my call!” David stood up and ordered.
“Yes, my lord!” Captain Hope shouted.
He knew some of David’s secrets and knew that David had a spacecraft that could not be discovered through scanning, which was the hangar that David had specifically told not to enter.
Captain Hope strictly controlled this matter and did not let any crew member know. Some matters there were handled by him personally.
David returned to the room, first opened the metal box, and asked Shadow Warrior to use the space ring to put away the three kryptonite powder bombs.
Now most of Shadow Warrior’s space ring and the space wristband on David’s wrist were free. After returning to the Razer modified ship, he put most of the unused items on the Razer modified ship.
/With the current combat power of the Razer modified ship and the management of the loyal Captain Hope, this is the safest storage space.
David then put on the customized exoskeleton armor. He prepared a third-grade heavy axe, a second-grade heavy axe, a ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ sn