Dunn did not stop him, but looked at him deeply and said:
“No problem, Klein, believe me, in the dark night, I am far more powerful than you think.”
Klein repeated these words silently in the dark night.
He didn’t try recklessly, and calmed down the bloating in his lower abdomen, then washed his face with cold water to calm down completely.
After changing his clothes and closing the door of his room, Klein followed Dunn down the stairs with gentle steps and walked towards the door of the apartment.
In such calm, Dunn Smith suddenly spoke:
“At the end of the dream, why did you want to escape? What are you afraid of?”
Klein’s thoughts were like lightning, and he replied while thinking:
/“I don’t remember what I did at Welch’s house, and I don’t remember whether I directly caused the deaths of him and Naya. I’m afraid it will be confirmed that it was me in the end. I don’t dare to gamble on this. I might as well run away and go to the Southern Continent to start. A new life.”
“If it were me, I would do the same thing.” Dunn pushed open the door of the apartment and let the cool breeze in the middle of the night blow away the stuffy heat inside.
He was not afraid of Klein’s escape, so he got into the carriage first. It was the one Klein had seen in his dream. It had four wheels, a single horse, and a driver. The police system with “Two Swords Crossed, Surrounded by a Crown” was painted on the side of the carriage. logo.
Klein followed and entered, finding that it was covered with thick carpets and filled with the scent of incense that made the body and mind peaceful.
Sitting down casually, he looked for topics and tried to find out more about the situation:
“Mr. Smith, if, I mean if, the expert confirms that I have really forgotten that part of the memory, and there is no other evidence to prove that I am the perpetrator, not the victim, then the matter will be over.”
“Theoretically, we will find the notebook through other means. As long as it still exists, it can be discovered. Of course, before that, we will confirm that there is no curse on you, no lingering smell of evil spirits, and no correspondence. With the help of psychological problems, we can face the future life safely and healthily.” Dunn Smith showed a smile, a slightly weird smile.
Klein keenly noticed this and couldn’t help but feel relieved, and quickly asked:
“Yes, just in theory. In this field, there are always things that are twisted, contrary to common sense, and unbelievable.” Dunn looked at Klein’s eyes and said, “Their continuation, their ending , sometimes it is beyond our ability to predict and control.”
“For example” Klein was actually a little scared for a moment.
The carriage was driving quickly on the almost deserted street. Dunn took out his pipe and took a whiff:
/“Just when we think it’s over and everything is back to normal, it comes again in frightening and terrifying ways.”
“A few years ago, we dealt with a cult case. They organized believers to commit suicide to complete living sacrifices