ble for rock singing, it’s impossible for him to be the lead singer right away! Give him a substitute role at most.

ble for rock singing, it’s impossible for him to be the lead singer right away! Give him a substitute role at most.
But Wan Yuanbo’s current main purpose is to make Wang Bo happy to sell songs, so he won’t be stupid enough to talk to death.
“Xiao Wang, the ‘All-purpose Band’ already has a lead singer, and that is me. However, as I reach middle age, my physical strength is a little bit behind me, and I may retire in two years. You have a good voice, you When you come to the band, I can let you study for a while first, and I can also let you go on stage to sing one or two songs every time. Once you are familiar with the operation of the band and have a tacit understanding with the members, it is not unreasonable for you to be the lead singer. “No,” Wan Yuanbo kept gushing, and began to envision a bright future for Wang Bo.
While Wang Bo nodded “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh” in response to Wan Yuanbo’s lobbying to save the country, he listened attentively to the recordings of Fang and Ma. The first person to record was Ma Liting, then Fang You.
Before Ma Liting started singing, she opened her voice “baiya ya ya”. The midrange and bass are all common sounds, unremarkable and featureless. The treble is a bit interesting, it’s very high, with at least three octaves. It should be an advantage when singing “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”. But Ma Liting’s high-pitched voice was sharp and lacked texture and transparency. It was like a thorny awl, which made Wang Bo’s eardrums painful. He was originally full of expectations for Ma Liting’s voice when he listened to Fang You’s introduction to Ma Liting, a student majoring in the vocal music department. But after listening to two sentences, he couldn’t say it sounded good. Apart from her singing skills, the timbre alone was not as good as his own. Cousin Li Junhua!
He is a majoring student in the vocal music department and a resident singer in a bar. He can be considered a professional singer. He is a bit undeserved! Wang Bo sighed in his heart.
/When I came out of Wan Yuanbo’s recording studio, it was already 5:30 in the afternoon. The sun sets in the west, the golden light shines, and the clouds in the western sky are dyed golden by the sunset.
At Ma Liting’s voice, Wang Bo shook his head in his heart, but Fang You’s voice made Wang Bo’s ears prick up and he was startled. Fang You’s voice is not high and belongs to a mezzo-soprano, with a bit of magnetism and hoarseness, a bit like Adele’s throat voice, but it is more grainy than Adele! Wang Bo has heard a lot of female singers with a scratchy voice, such as Sun Yanzi from Singapore, Liang Jingru from Malaysia, and British female singer Adele. They all have a certain degree of magnetism and hoarseness, but these words are as clear as cold medicine. He had only experienced the same graininess in the mouth of a student named Zheng Hong from a singing talent show he had watched in his previous life. At that time, Zheng Hong sang a song called “Someone Like You” by Adele, which made Wang Bo cry and burst into tears! Not only Wang Bo w