pened in the south. It took off and developed unexpectedly.

pened in the south. It took off and developed unexpectedly.
/However, the old industrial zones in Northeast China have gradually declined due to various reasons, including old equipment, backward management, lack of policies, and fund transfers. Just like the Soviet Union in the north, it can only be said to have started but ended.
/It is really a pity. If there is sufficient support, this land may become the Detroit and Seattle of China. Most of the development mistakes can be attributed to historical limitations. Because of knowing this, Han Xuan did not put the car manufacturing plant in the country. In the Northeast region.
One very important point is that there are many state-owned enterprises in the Northeast, resulting in too many people eating from the big pot. In this era, many workers have developed inertia. They have technology but lack ambition. They do not produce what the market needs, but what is required from above. Produce whatever you want. This trend will take more than ten or twenty years to change. Now is not a good time to invest there.
In comparison, workers in the south are now easier to manage. When they are afraid of poverty, if they are given a chance, they can unleash their huge potential.
Judging from the feedback received, workers at the automobile factory, knowing that they can get more money by working overtime, actually voluntarily proposed to work overtime and cancel statutory holidays. And there are not a few who think so. The vast majority of people think that half a day or one day off a week is enough. , being so cruel to yourself that you don’t even want a day off, you are completely exchanging your life for money.
I was forced to take a vacation by the company, but I still felt dissatisfied. I thought this was denying me the opportunity to make money. Therefore, the senior executives who were transferred from the United States and the United Kingdom made many jokes. After being reported by overseas media, they were deeply impressed. Realize the hard work of Chinese people.
Han Xuan has a deeper understanding of this.
Who doesn’t like to eat, drink and have fun? I can only say that I am afraid of poverty. There is a lack of high-quality professional talents. The only way out for modern young Chinese with simple minds is to make money through physical strength.
Unlike those shady foreign companies, Han Xuan’s company strictly abides by the system of increasing wages for overtime work and high wages on holidays, giving them a fair employment environment and giving them more rewards for more work.
Nowadays, savvy officials realize that only cheap domestic labor resources can attract foreign investment, so they ignore the various harsh working conditions. However, they did not expect that even if they make the workers relaxed, the hard work they put in can still make the bosses of foreign companies happy. satisfy.
Having been doing business all over the world for so long, Han Xuan has long understood the hard work and progress of the Chinese. Such a nation should