n European markets such as Russia and Ukraine, and is in need of outstanding talents who can speak Russian. Let me recommend a few to him.

n European markets such as Russia and Ukraine, and is in need of outstanding talents who can speak Russian. Let me recommend a few to him.
“Well, this is Senior Mou’s phone number. If you are interested, you can call Senior Mou directly. He will take more care of you, an alumnus outside C.” ”
Thank you, thank you, Mr. Wang.” Wu Xue took Wang Bo’s hand blankly Li took a note with 11 digits written on it and smiled reluctantly.
/“Haha, you’re welcome. The import and export company is actually not bad. If someone helps you, you can get a salary increase quickly. It’s just tiring at the beginning and you need to learn a lot, but it’s also a kind of exercise.” Wang Bo said. In the past few days, Wu Xue was shopping, cooking, and cleaning with Chen Xiang as usual, but she talked significantly less than usual, and she didn’t dare to look at him. Wang Bo himself was a little embarrassed, and thought to himself, it would be better to find a way to send her away quickly to avoid embarrassment to each other.
Last year, the English Department held an alumni association. He, a rich man, a great talent, and one of the top ten outstanding young people in the country, was naturally invited. During this period, he also met many outstanding alumni of the English Department. What? Foreign ambassadors, counselors, and some people who are bosses or even bosses. Mou Qiang, general manager of Xinlong Group Import and Export Company, is one of them.
Chen Xiang and Wu Xue left together and prepared to return to Chen Xiang’s rental house. Along the way, Chen Xiang didn’t see much excitement on Wu Xue’s face, thinking that she didn’t like the job her boyfriend introduced to her, so she tentatively asked:
“Xue Xue, don’t you want to go to the import and export company? “Yeah?”
“No! The import and export company is actually quite good. And with Senior Mou as my guardian, just like Mr. Wang said, there are people in the court who are easy to be officials. As long as I work hard and work hard, I can get a promotion and a salary increase.” Quick.” Wu Xue smiled and said.
“That’s good. I thought you didn’t want to go.” Since Wu Xue was not dissatisfied, Chen Xiang also breathed a sigh of relief. In the past two months, she saw that Wu Xue had been having trouble finding a job and was looking sad. As a good friend, she was also very anxious.
Because Wu Xue has not graduated yet, it can only be regarded as an internship now. Xinlong Group’s internship salary for college students is 30 yuan a day, which does not include food or transportation. The salary of this internship is based on the salary system of the entire group, and the financial department of the group pays the money. Even if Mou Qiang wants to increase Wu Xue’s salary, he has no choice now. He can only wait for Wu Xue to graduate and become a full-time employee before he can think of a solution. .
In addition to the severe lack of sleep, the food at Xinlong Group also turned off her appetite as she was used to big fish, meat and delicacies. The cafeteria of Xinlong Group