at the female secretary who was close at hand with a smile and suddenly became shy.

at the female secretary who was close at hand with a smile and suddenly became shy.
“It’s just that my parents want to invite you to our house for a light meal tomorrow.” Zheng Yan lowered her head, her voice became softer and softer as she spoke, and the blush on her face became more and more intense. She began to regret that she had promised her parents too readily last night. That kind of thing happened between the two of them last night. Today, I “can’t wait” to invite the other person to my home for dinner. This is too easy for people to think wrong.
“Uncle and aunt invite me to dinner? Okay! Last time, aunt said that uncle’s cooking skills are very good, and she has always wanted to try it. Unfortunately, you never invited me, and I am too embarrassed to take the initiative to come to your house. Tomorrow, right? Okay, I will definitely come over early tomorrow.” Wang Bo didn’t expect Secretary Qiao to treat him to dinner, so he was surprised, but after the surprise, he immediately became overjoyed.
“It’s not too early.” Zheng Yan said with a blush, worried that Wang Bo would come too early.
/“Then I’ll listen to you. Just call me and I’ll drive over, okay?” Wang Bo looked at the red-faced girl tenderly, as if he was holding her in his arms with love and affection.
/Zheng Yan didn’t speak, she just nodded and said “hmm” in a faint voice, then turned and left.
ps: (Inscription) Sensational words are everywhere. After this chapter, some words will be written incorrectly by the old blind man on purpose, using homophones or similar words instead. Don’t say that I write them in white.
The most powerful departments are the “relevant departments”, the most powerful regulations are the “relevant regulations”, and the most powerful (inscription) testimonials are that they don’t tell you what (inscription) testimonials are, but you will often fall prey to them inexplicably. If you don’t hit it today, you will hit it tomorrow, and if you don’t hit it tomorrow, you will hit it the day after tomorrow. Or if a word doesn’t make sense today, it will make sense tomorrow.
So, from now on, you will feel helpless and often in a state of shock. As time goes by, I feel like every word I read. Many
things in China, the control skills of those above facing those below, are mostly the same routine.
Huang Liang stood in a cosmetics shop in the underground shopping mall of Sanxia Square with an uncomfortable look on his face. door. He felt like he had been standing there for almost an hour, and Rowling hadn’t come out of the cosmetics store yet. As he stood waiting at the door, he felt an itchy skin all over his body, as if everyone passing by was looking at him, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable.
Not long after lunch, while still in the dormitory, Rowling called him and asked if he was free, saying that she wanted to go to the sandy area and buy a mobile phone. It’s really inconvenient to go to college without a mobile phone.
The future girlfriend invited me, and I had to be free even if I didn’t h