I can’t tell other people about this kind of thing. I won’t tell you even to death, and it will rot in my stomach forever!”

I can’t tell other people about this kind of thing. I won’t tell you even to death, and it will rot in my stomach forever!”
Zhang Xinyue’s insistence on keeping secret The tone made Zhong Jiahui feel a little relieved, and she wanted to nod and admit it, and tell Zhang Xinyue the real situation. In this world, apart from her own knowledge that she is Wang Bo’s girlfriend, I am afraid that only Senior Sister Zhang next to her knows about it. This made her feel a little desolate, as if she was a reptile in the dark, never able to see the light, forever crawling in the dark, happy, sad, all the ups and downs, only she could taste it. She was not jealous of Liang Ya, she just felt a little pitiful for herself.
/“Senior sister, actually, I” Zhong Jiahui opened her mouth, and the impulse in her heart became stronger and stronger.
Then, at this moment, the closed door suddenly opened gently, then closed gently, and even locked with a “click”.
Immediately, a tall black figure hurried towards the bed where she and Zhang Xinyue were sleeping, like a gust of wind.
Zhong Jiahui’s eyes widened, and her entire mouth grew into a huge “O” shape. She stared dumbly at the black figure rushing towards her, and her whole body was about to freeze.
Then, she suddenly reacted and sat up from the bed.
“Xiao Bo, let’s go out.” However, before he could finish his words, he was hugged and blocked by the boy. The next moment, Zhong Jiahui, who sat up, felt that she was pushed back to the bed without any movement by a strong force. The boy who was pressing down on her like a mountain was pressing down on her, kissing her hurriedly, and squeezing and touching her body with both hands. He would take a deep breath from time to time and say in a loud voice: ”
Jiahui, Xiaoya, a I haven’t been intimate with you two this week, I really miss my husband!”
Zhong Jiahui felt like she was going crazy. The appearance of Wang Bo made her previous lies in front of Zhang Xinyue completely unfounded. But this problem has become irrelevant now. What matters now is how to coax her boyfriend out as soon as possible, and don’t let him know that the person sleeping next to her is not Liang Ya, but Zhang Xinyue, so as to prevent the two of them from getting along in the future.
“Xiao Bo, let’s go out and go to your room, okay? It’s too small here!” Zhong Jiahui finally found the opportunity and begged in Wang Bo’s ear.
/“Hey, why are you going out? It’s so nice here, but it’s inconvenient down there. Aunt Wenxuan is next door. It’s so bad that her old man heard it! Hey, is Xiaoya asleep? No way? She You just sent me a text message Jiejie, Xiaonizi just wanted to watch a show, right? Just watch it, I will deal with you after I deal with Jiahui!” Wang Bo, who was riding on Zhong Jiahui, fell asleep. “Liang Ya” next to her was motionless, huddled far away in the shadow of the bed against the wall. She thought Liang Ya wanted to play some game of pretending to be dead with him. When the three of them were intimate before, the other person often liked to