ned between Jiahui and me, I will tell you. Just tell me. You don’t have to drink. If you get drunk, I will suffer.” “

ned between Jiahui and me, I will tell you. Just tell me. You don’t have to drink. If you get drunk, I will suffer.” ”
Hehe, you said this yourself? You can’t blame me! Tell me, when will you and Jiahui Together? You two hide it well. If I hadn’t followed Xiaoya, Jiahui and the others on their trip last year, I wouldn’t have discovered it.” Zhang Xinyue smiled, followed the stick, and quickly thought of her trip to Magic City last year. What happened that night at the “Prince’s Mansion” was that she and Zhong Jiahui slept in the same bed. Someone came over to steal the incense, and then “in front of her”, he did it with Zhong Jiahui next to her, and she “Scared half to death”, also nervous and excited to death. Thinking of the subtleties and the things she couldn’t help but do to herself after the two left, Zhang Xinyue shuddered on the spot and subconsciously closed the two parts of herself that were somewhat separated.
“You girls, you all love gossip. Since you want to hear it, senior sister, and you are not an outsider, I will tell you. But I will give you a vaccination first. You only need to know about this yourself. Don’t mess around. Talk about it. Jiahui and I, it seems that it was a coincidence, but God will make it happen.” Next, Wang Bo talked to Zhang Xinyue about the past between him and Zhong Jiahui while drinking.
/Speaking of which, he had told many people about the twists and turns of his and Liang Ya’s previous story like a storyteller, but to Zhong Jiahui, because this kind of fact was really shocking, invisible, and “shameful”, he did not tell it to anyone. Someone showed up.
About ten minutes later, Wang Bo finished speaking, but he saw Zhang Xinyue beside him, dumbfounded, with shock, envy, understanding and some relief on his face.
In the past, when she learned that there was some kind of “inappropriate relationship” between her friends Zhong Jiahui and Wang Bo, she was shocked, confused, and to a certain extent a little contemptuous. Because a school belle like Zhong Jiahui with exquisite facial features, upright appearance and good figure, what kind of good man can’t be found? As for sharing a man with another woman? Moreover, it was not an open and honest sharing. She could only hide in the dark and hide underground like a mouse, feeling wronged and miserable. She couldn’t bear it anyway.
Later, last year to be exact, Liang Ya and Zhong Jiahui invited her to travel to the Magic City together. The three of them took a plane, and when they arrived in the Magic City, they lived in a big villa, drove a private car, stayed in a five-star hotel, and ate all kinds of food. She grew delicacies from the mountains and seas, and was held up, complimented, and fawned over wherever she went. After returning, she noticed that Zhong Jiahui’s food and clothing expenses were all brand-name. The wallet on her body always contained thousands of pocket money when she opened it. , she always waved for a taxi wherever she went, and rarely went to crowded hot and stuffy buses with others. All these thi