ang Yu, and then said to Zhang Yu in a very sure and serious tone:

“Zhang Yu, to be honest, I came to see you today just to get news about Yanzi. After Yanzi left, I lost contact with her. She didn’t answer my calls, text messages, messages, or emails. Later, I simply gave up her original phone number. At the end of last year, I went to her house to look for her, but I didn’t expect her to move to avoid me. Zhang Yu, I really had no choice.” As he said that, Wang Bo’s face said, He already showed an expression of extreme pain.
Zhang Yu didn’t expect that Wang Bo would make so much effort to find Zheng Yan. Zheng Yan, on the other hand, did not want to be so decisive in order to avoid Wang Bo. What happened between the two of them? For a moment, Zhang Yu felt extremely curious.
However, she knew that now was not the time to be curious, but to think about whether she should “betray” her good sister and tell the whole story about her good sister to the boy next to her. She thought for a while and then made up her mind, thinking that since such a big man as Wang Bo condescended to find Zheng Yan in person to find her head, this sincerity and effort are really touching.
/Moreover, isn’t Zheng Yan also in trouble now and “lost” her job? It would be best if the other party finds Zheng Yan and continues to let Yanzi be his secretary. That way, both she and Li Jingmeng can benefit from it in the future. Not to mention, when Zheng Yan was Wang Bo’s secretary, he was hired from a different place. She and Li Jingmeng were eating hot pot and barbecue, and they also bought clothes for her and Li Jingmeng, and they were all expensive brands!
“Well, Mr. Wang, I don’t know why Yanzi separated from you. Yanzi never told us. Every time Jingmeng and I asked her, she kept shaking her head and silently crying. It felt quite Sad, very sad. After Yanzi left you, he stayed at home for two months. He was always depressed and haggard. It was not until last November, when he returned to work at Sanfan Group, that he slowly became cheerful.
“However, the good times did not last long. There is a manager in the import and export company, Mr. Li, who originally interviewed Yanzi. He has always been interested in Yanzi, but Yanzi has always ignored him and kept away from him.
/“Last month, Mr. Yin of the company, the son of the chairman of the group, heard about Yanzi from somewhere and started giving a bouquet of roses every day. When no one showed up, he asked the secretary of the administrative office to bring the flowers down.
“The swallow didn’t react much to this. She gave all the flowers Mr. Yin gave her to her colleagues in the company. Some colleagues didn’t dare to take them, so she gave them to me and Jingmeng.
“On Friday last week, Mr. Yin changed his usual behavior and left a message for Yanzi in the bouquet. Yanzi didn’t say anything to us, but it made her determined to resign. The resignation letter was written in advance. and handed it over to me. I went to work today and was going to help Yanzi go through the resign