Han Xuan can sell them to other companies for about US$5.5 million. I believe many people will be willing to take over.

Han Xuan can sell them to other companies for about US$5.5 million. I believe many people will be willing to take over.
Anyway, as long as this thing is kept well, it will not expire for decades. If you don’t use it so much by then, you can just sell it.
The purchase cost of more than 300 million US dollars will be paid to the Russian government in five years, so the financial pressure that Han Xuan currently needs to bear is not great.
Han Xuan previously thought that it would be easy to get these rocket engines. In his opinion, Russia, which can even throw small suitcase-type nuclear bombs, would be easy to deal with.
It’s a pity that the best opportunity has been missed. The chaotic order there is gradually returning to normal.
The insider general of the Ministry of Defense told me that if there is a small batch of less than ten units, there may be a way to get them, but with so many rocket engines, it is simply a fantasy to transport them out of Russia without anyone noticing.
/Han Xuan felt that it would be better to follow the normal procedures. At least the origins were open and honest, and there was no need to be secretive. The RS Rocket Research Institute could also avoid trouble in the future.
The rocket engine technology of the former Soviet Union even slightly surpassed that of the United States. When the RD-180 high-thrust engine is successfully developed, this research institute will make a lot of money. It is not worth messing up
. At this moment, on the balcony of the InterContinental Hotel in Times Square, Manhattan, New York.
Thinking that Lockheed Martin’s actions were unkind, and now that the victim came to the door, he had reason to shirk his responsibility. President Clinton replied to Han Xuan:
“I’m not sure about this matter. I’ll wait until I get back to understand the situation.” , I will think of a way and try my best to help you solve it, there should be no problem. I encourage private capital to develop this market. The current space shuttle project is too expensive, and the government’s financial burden is already heavy. Your efforts will help the country reduce some of the pressure. ”
When Han Xuan heard this, he understood that there should be no problem in transporting those rocket engines back to the country. He said with a smile: “Thank you again for your help. Also, the CIA has contacted my company many times. This has already happened. It caused a lot of trouble to me. They wanted me to authorize the opening of the main server port of HOPE Technology Company to allow the CIA to enter and view user information. Although I wanted to help, once this matter was leaked, it would have a negative impact on my company. It has caused a devastating blow to the reputation, and users will never tolerate the infringement of their privacy rights. I can’t agree, and I believe other Internet companies will not agree either.”
/Han Xuan’s endless questions were a headache.
The director of the CIA was personally appointed by Clinton. The person who can hold that position m