But from the perspective of the Kings, this trade choice is actually understandable.

But from the perspective of the Kings, this trade choice is actually understandable.
Due to injuries and age, Weber has long lost his former courage.
Not only is his defense always lagging behind, but his offense is increasingly not in line with the requirements of this Kings team.
The Kings trading him away was not a sudden move, but a deliberate move.
/The fans actually know this, and what they are dissatisfied with may just be that Weber only comes back with only three players.
And there is another point. With the rise of Peja, the conflicts between Weber and Peja are increasing day by day.
The Kings managers also made a choice just like the Lakers made a second choice last summer.
Of course, we may not know what the outcome will be until we play the game after the transaction is completed.
The Kings’ trade originally had little to do with the Lakers.
But the team’s general manager Kupchak seemed like something happened.
The Magic sent Mobley in order to completely correct Arenas.
Because Arenas and Mobley, whether on the Wizards or Magic, seem very incompatible.
As for who they get in the trade, they don’t really care that much.
Especially since they have better players in Grant Hill and Turkoglu, Christie is not the player they need.
They chose Christie, whose expiring contract was also an important reason.
So what Kupchak hopes is that Coritis can apply to buy out the last year of his contract with the Magic and then join the Lakers!
If the Kings don’t want to trade people to me directly, then I’ll save the country and sign a buyout!
Of course, this road is definitely more difficult.
First of all, Christie himself must be interested, because if he buys out, he will have to make some sacrifices in salary.
Because of the Lakers’ salary cap limit, the maximum contract they can offer is a veteran’s minimum salary.
Secondly, it also requires the nod from Magic management.
Because if they buy out Christie, they would be trading Mobley for a mid-first-round or late-first-round pick, which is a bit of a loss.
Christie, was very interested in Kupchak’s proposal.
When his wife casually said something during the All-Star Game, he nodded because of henpecking, but he also thought about it in his heart.
He is already 35 years old and does not have many years left in his career.
If he stays with the Magic, he will never win a championship.
But it’s completely different when it comes to the Lakers.
The Lakers are short of small forwards. Not only will he have the opportunity to compete for the championship, but he will also have a lot of playing time!
This isn’t about being interested, it’s about being very interested!
After some communication and huge salary sacrifices, the Magic agreed to Christie’s request!
For management, it’s nice to have an unnecessary origin and save them a lot of money.
Sun Hao was stunned for a moment when he learned the news.
What he thought was impossible at first, turned a corner and it really happened?
However, Christie’s wife Jac