dge of the stage. He spun, stretched out his hands, kicked his feet, and made several dazzling movements with quick movements. The expression on his face He also changed from his original seriousness and calmness to becoming excited, full of anger, and his eyes were bright, as if there was a fire burning inside!

The porcelain cup Wang Bo used to cook was a gift from his mother, Zeng Fanyu, when she got married. She was older than him. In elementary school, junior high school, and high school, Wang Bo always used this porcelain cup with a big red peony flower to cook. After more than 20 years of wind, frost, snow and rain, the porcelain cup is already a bit old. The white porcelain on the outside is broken in two places on the edge of the bottom, exposing the black base, which adds to its age. Wang Bo is a person who is very nostalgic about people and things. After using it for many years, he was reluctant to throw it away, so he brought it with him when he went to college. That day, Wang Bo’s porcelain cup contained two taels of rice and a cup of soup. The soup is winter melon stewed with bones. There are a few lumps of winter melon but not a single bone. But it’s cheap, only fifty cents. This is what Wang Bo usually eats for dinner.
But at this moment, the senior sister with bare feet, holding a basin, and long hair shawl greeted him gently. Although it was inaudible, in Wang Bo’s heart, it resounded in his ears like a bell:
/“Hi!” said the senior sister.
“Hello!” Wang Bo replied almost subconsciously.
Afterwards, the two nodded to each other and passed each other.
Several backup dancers suddenly “fell to the ground” without warning, causing a burst of exclamations, and then it was discovered that it was a false alarm. After the dancer fell to the ground, several “gunshots” were heard in the air, causing screams. Wang Bo started to dance solo, and suddenly made a move that surprised everyone. He untied the black suit in a few moments and threw it forward. His movements were chic and wild. Now he only has a white shirt, a black tie and a black felt hat. Although there is no coat, the contrast is more obvious and intense. Wang Bo, who was dancing solo, didn’t make many gorgeous moves. He just dodged his feet back and forth according to the rhythm, and sometimes “fired” in the air unexpectedly.
The backup dancer who fell to the ground quickly came to life and appeared like a ghost. The backup dancer and the lead dancer are once again combined into one, doing movements similar to riding a horse in a half-crouching posture. The hands are either raised or stretched out, and they make a few quick gestures. The movements are also uniform, making people feel an invisible momentum and something similar to “will”.
Throughout his freshman year, Wang Bo still found it incredible that he could still maintain the self-discipline and strict schedule he had in high school, even more so than in high school. He understood that most of his drive and persistence were directed at her. If he hadn’t had the urge to see her eve