g from outside the three-point line, showing his confidence in winning.

g from outside the three-point line, showing his confidence in winning.
The point difference was stretched to 8 points again.
Just when you thought the Trail Blazers had the absolute upper hand, the Mavericks came from behind to overpower them.
Just when you thought the Mavericks had the initiative, the Trail Blazers suddenly opened up the score.
Just as Su Qun and Zhang Weiping lamented in the broadcast booth, the Wild West is full of surprises and wonderful things.
The pressure is back on the Mavericks’ side.
With Sun Hao holding the ball in the frontcourt, Nowitzki mentioned the three-point line pick-and-roll, and after waiting for Sun Hao to open the ball, he directly passed the ball in.
Nowitzki caught the ball and broke through, and Stoudemire was like a child under him.
This is also the reason why short players are easily caught and beaten on the defensive end, but he is very strong and makes Nowitzki uncomfortable.
Nowitzki stepped inside the free throw line and made a pull-up jumper.
The ball fell steadily into the pocket.
Height suppression.
Pippen’s layup from the frontcourt was interfered by Booth and missed.
Nelson switched to the regular lineup and gave up the speed increase, and the improvement of inside protection also had an immediate effect.
Of course, this lineup also means that both sides enter the position to fight for the bayonet. The key to whether the Mavericks can close the score depends on whether the offensive end can continue to score.
Sun Hao continued to look for Nowitzki to pick and roll, and this time he deliberately suppressed the pick-and-roll position and set a pick-and-roll one step outside the free throw line.
After a split, seeing the Trail Blazers still changing, Sun Hao directly passed the ball back after breaking through.
Nowitzki caught the ball in the high post and shot directly with his open hand after the triple threat.
He felt that his touch was pretty good on the previous shot.
Stoudemire jumped up and didn’t cause much interference.
Small defense is big, especially when guarding against big shooters like Nowitzki. If you can’t cut the ball, you will lose half of your game.
/Nowitzki’s touch was very soft!
29 to 33!
The Mavericks caught up with the score again.
In this game, the situation in the next second is completely unexpected!
At the critical moment, the Trail Blazers still had Wallace, who used his experience to pick up Nowitzki and get inside, causing Booth to foul and go to the free throw line.
Against overwhelming boos, Wallace made both free throws.
In less than half time, he had already scored 15 points!
Sun Hao turned around and continued to pick and roll Nowitzki.
This time the Trail Blazers didn’t dare to change anymore. Stoudemire was like air in front of Nowitzki.
However, the Trail Blazers’ defensive thinking is still very clear. They pounce directly outside instead of inside to wrap up the pick-and-roll, and they just don’t easily give Sun Hao a chance to shoot a three-point