he is still young after all. When her parents say such harsh words to her, she still feels aggrieved and scared instinctively.

he is still young after all. When her parents say such harsh words to her, she still feels aggrieved and scared instinctively.
Sun Hao was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that things were completely different from what he thought. Yoselin’s mood was not because of him, but because of her family.
It wasn’t something he could change, at least not yet.
He looked at the aggrieved girl in front of him and hugged her tightly into his arms.
Perhaps this is the only way to give Yoselin a sense of security and make her feel more comfortable.
/Yoselin didn’t resist and just lay in Sun Hao’s arms.
After a while, she looked up at Sun Hao.
“Sun, I have to go back tomorrow.”
This was her decision and her helplessness.
“I know, go back, don’t be a child who runs away from home, and don’t have a rift with your family.”
Sun Hao was 28 years old at this time.
“I’ll see you off tomorrow morning.”
Sun Hao said as he walked Yoselin to the door of the hotel.
Yoselin nodded.
Sun Hao wanted to say something, but found that he didn’t know what to say.
At this moment, Yoselin suddenly stepped forward and hugged Sun Hao, then raised her head.
Sun Hao reached out and took Yoselin into his arms, then lowered his head.
There is no verbal communication, only a tacit understanding of feeling.
The two started kissing.
It’s just that Sun Hao is clumsy and Yoselin is completely inexperienced.
It’s sweet, but it doesn’t seem to be the sweetest.
When both of them were about to suffocate, Yoselin separated from him.
Her chest was heaving and she was breathing heavily.
/“I was born in New York, but my father is Danish and my mother is American. They met in Denmark.”
After her breathing became calmer, she continued.
It’s like telling a story about your parents, and it’s like conveying a message.
Her parents came from different countries, met and fell in love in Europe, and eventually got married and started a family.
Sun Hao didn’t say anything, just nodded.
Yoselin touched Sun Hao’s head with her forehead.
Sun Hao could feel her even breathing.
Yoselin took a deep breath, then turned and walked towards the hotel.
Take two steps, turn around, and disappear at the door of the hotel.
Sun Hao did not follow her. He waited until Yoselin entered the hotel before turning around and leaving.
When he got home, he took a shower and got ready for bed.
After scoring 81 points in a single game, his tough body was also tired.
Coupled with Yoselin’s incident, he is now physically and mentally exhausted.
“Congratulations to the host for scoring 81 points in the low-level league. The system will reward you with a ‘shooting training machine’.”
But just when he lay down, the system’s beep suddenly sounded in his mind.
The sound made his sleepiness disappear.
Shooting machine?
What it is?
He entered the system space with doubts and saw something extra in the training hall.
It was truly a shooting machine.
But it’s completely different from the shooting training machine in the arcade.