And it seems that the direction they are going to is the training hall. In other words, Jordan is going to give Sun Hao a separate job!

/And it seems that the direction they are going to is the training hall. In other words, Jordan is going to give Sun Hao a separate job!
“God, it’s not fair!”
Alexander finally couldn’t help it.
“What did you say?”
Harvey didn’t know Alexander’s psychological activities, so he picked up the bag that fell on the ground.
Fortunately, Alexander was carrying burgers and not coffee, otherwise they would have had to run out again.
“Why does Sun even know Jordan?”
Alexander continued.
“Who? Michael? Where?”
Harvey was guarding the coffee carefully. He didn’t even notice that Jordan was in front of him.
Alexander felt like he was talking to a bull, so he took the bag from Harvey’s hand and walked toward the locker room angrily.
Harvey scratched his head behind him.
Alexander, what a weirdo.
A few years later, when a reporter asked about the scene when Sun Hao was dueling with Jordan in Chicago.
“We played 6-4 and Michael was 38 years old at the time. It was a very interesting night.”
However, in Jordan’s mouth, it was a completely different answer.
“Sun has a lot of fighting spirit, but I still beat him with one hand.”
The two people’s answers were very different, but like many NBA unsolved cases, there was no answer in the end as to what the outcome of this one-on-one was.
“Michael, you can still play professionally again.”
Coming out of the training ground, Sun Hao looked at Jordan who wasn’t sweating much and couldn’t help but say.
“My old friend doesn’t allow it.”
Jordan looked at Sun Hao, who was also not sweating much, and pointed to his knees.
When watching Sun Hao’s game earlier, he actually thought about this issue, but he quickly skipped it.
Now when asked by Sun Hao, he found that even at this age, he still has a passion for basketball.
Perhaps, he found a new feeling from Sun Hao.
“If you want to, nothing can stop you, and the same goes for it.”
Sun Hao continued.
In the previous duel, he could feel that Jordan was afraid to do many moves because of his knee injury.
He is even a little worried that history will change because of his butterfly effect.
So he had to add more firewood.
Jordan was stunned for a moment.
Sun Hao understands him very well.
He is a basketball god and if he wants something, nothing can stop him.
Including his knees.
“How about we make a bet?”
/Sun Hao continued.
Jordan couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this.
Buckley had a good relationship with him, and he also heard about some bets between Buckley and Kenny Smith on his show.
I didn’t expect Sun Hao to like this too?
“If I win the Rookie of the Year, how about you come back and play again?”
Sun Hao continued.
Jordan was stunned again. Sun Hao was really looking more and more like him.
Although Sun Hao is performing well now, the season has just begun.
When opponents take his style of play seriously, the rookie wall is likely to hit him.
Moreover, after he retires, the league will be dominated by insiders. Although Martin and Swift started to p