ntered a defensive battle.

ntered a defensive battle.
40 seconds before the end, the two teams tied at 70.
Now everyone has a chance to win this La Liga championship!
Real Madrid had the ball and Russo called a timeout.
The fans at the scene were too nervous to show off.
Especially Real Madrid fans.
The Champions League victory over Panathinaikos started with another one-sided situation, but now it has entered a life-and-death moment.
This game is really unexpected and unbearable.
Sure enough, on the basketball court, A>B>C, it is unreliable to conclude that A>C.
The player’s condition has a huge impact.
Sun Hao, who was in average form, met Gasol, who was in great form.
Real Madrid’s ability to tie with Barcelona until the end has proven their strength.
Now, they need to play the last 40 seconds.
/“Sun, you take the last shot.”
Russo still trusted Sun Hao as always.
And after the elevator door was targeted, he also rearranged a new tactic.
After the timeout, Real Madrid serves from the backcourt.
Prigioni advanced to the frontcourt and began to organize. Real Madrid started running without wasting time.
The game time is 10 seconds longer than the attack time, and now is not the time to press time.
Sun Hao did not take the ball directly, but began to run around the half court without the ball.
Great players know what offense to use in what game.
When his hand feels good, Sun Hao can directly take the ball and play hero ball in singles.
When he feels bad, he needs to make more use of his golf intelligence to play like he did when he cut in and played 2+1.
Russo deployed a tactic similar to the one in the opening. Sun Hao used his teammates’ pick-and-roll to catch the ball and make a three-pointer.
The tactic came out. After Sun Hao caught the ball, Gasol pounced again.
Similar scenes will happen again.
But the difference is that Sun Hao voted directly!
He didn’t wait for Gasol to fly over like he did in the opening game, and he didn’t avoid Gasol’s block.
Sun Hao leaned back slightly in the air, and Gasol’s block hit Sun Hao’s hand!
Three-point foul!
The Barcelona fans on the sidelines were in an uproar.
Gasol held his head in disbelief.
Sun Hao’s shot was so bad.
Knowing that his big man couldn’t control his body, he directly committed a three-point foul!
At this moment, Sun Hao is not possessed by Mamba, but Harden is reincarnated!
Sun Hao, get to the free throw line!
Fans on both sides reacted differently. Real Madrid fans did not dare to speak, while Barcelona fans struggled to make noise.
But the same thing is that they all have nervous looks on their faces.
The final moment, the penalty kick, this scene is easily reminiscent of the just-concluded Champions League final.
Will the penalty kill happen again in the La Liga final?
The Barcelona fans behind the basket made frantic noise interference.
What was even crazier than in the Champions League was that one female fan even lifted her clothes and made waves.
Hey, woman, have you never seen him act