y strong, he will never doubt that.

This is why Kobe took crazy shots on the outside, and he didn’t say there was a complete falling out.
But this year, as he said before the start of the playoffs, he has expectations for the championship.
Because sometimes Kobe can really put the ball into the basket non-stop.
So just like in the Mavericks series, he will continue to accommodate Kobe.
But in fact, sometimes, the most unacceptable thing about Kobe is that this guy keeps trying to attack from the low post!
Especially after the back-up game was developed this year, this trend has become more and more obvious.
/This greatly compressed his space under the basket.
This was what made him most unhappy.
Sun Hao wanted to give him the Pacific Ocean, but Kobe drove him directly into the Mediterranean Sea!
Moreover, Sun Hao’s three-point containment ability is both with and without the ball, which is unprecedented in history!
In addition, Sun Hao’s key ball ability is much more stable than Kobe!
If nothing else, take the two teams’ season matchup as an example. Sun Hao’s key ball hitting rate is higher than Kobe’s.
So even if Sun Hao’s overall strength is not as good as Kobe’s now, in terms of compatibility with his partner, Sun Hao beats Kobe.
And Sun Hao’s fighting spirit, as reflected in this series, is no worse than Kobe’s!
Even Sun Hao loves passing the ball more than Kobe!
Not exaggerating at all.
If Sun Hao exchanges with Kobe now, he will not only have the confidence to play three consecutive games, but even four consecutive games and five consecutive games!
This is no bragging!
Of course, just like he could only look at Sun Hao’s back now.
In fact, he could only think about these things in his mind.
It is impossible for the Lakers to trade Kobe, and it is impossible for the Mavericks to trade Sun Hao.
The good things he imagined could only be YY in the end.
At the press conference after the game, Sun Hao was not in a very high mood.
It was Nowitzki who said that classic quote on his behalf.
What cannot defeat you will eventually make you stronger.
They lost to the Spurs last year without being defeated, and then managed to get revenge this year.
So if they lose to the Lakers this year, they will not be defeated.
Wait until next year, they still have a chance to revenge the Lakers.
Every defeat made them stronger until they succeeded.
Before the playoffs between the Lakers and Mavericks ended, the Eastern Conference Finals ended early.
The result was beyond everyone’s expectations, including Sun Hao’s.
Because it was the Celtics who won in the end.
After Jordan beat Pierce to tears, the Wizards took a 1-0 lead. Everyone felt that the Wizards’ promotion was certain.
After all, Yao Ming is still a rookie and his performance is still unstable.
Facing Pierce, who is tall and has good footwork, Mobley’s performance was also greatly restricted.
Mobley was restricted, so Jordan had to stand up and score in regular time, which took a lot of physical energy out