as scored 6 points and 1 assist since the start. In other words, he is leading every attack of Panathinaikos!

as scored 6 points and 1 assist since the start. In other words, he is leading every attack of Panathinaikos!
If there were plus-minus statistics in this era, Bodiloga would definitely be at the top of the list after all the games.
He is too strong.
Russo was still in a daze, as if he was offline.
Sun Hao continued to direct.
This time he didn’t call a double pick-and-roll, but just motioned for Garbajosa to move to the right.
A copy tactic, Sun Hao still passes the ball hand to hand.
Bodiloga also continued to pounce.
It’s not that he is stupid, but he knows the intimidating power of Sun Hao’s three-point shot. If he doesn’t pounce, he is giving Sun Hao a chance.
Of course, he didn’t pounce as hard as he did in the last round, leaving him time to make adjustments.
Sun Hao still feinted with a shot and made another breakthrough from the right.
Bodiloga adjusted his body, but he found that he was too late!
Trinidad was so moved that he wanted to cry. His defense against Bodiroga tonight was like an ant facing an elephant, with no power to fight back.
Now Sun Hao has avenged him!
When you are looking at the scenery, others are looking at you. When you are showing off to others, you never would have thought that you would also be shown off to others!
Bodiloga couldn’t catch up with Sun Hao, but Libraka recovered the basket early.
To be able to steal the Champions League regular season MVP from Bodiroga, his abilities in all aspects are not weak.
The same approach won’t work here!
Sun Hao made a quick layup in three steps, and Libraka was ready to block the shot.
But soon, he discovered that he was no different from Bodilloga.
When he took action to block the shot, the ball had already flown past him and behind him.
A fake pass, Sun Hao passed the ball to Garbajosa who cut in the middle!
If it were normal times, this kind of sudden score under the basket, especially a small-scale pass, would be difficult to pass based on Sun Hao’s personal passing ability.
But now, the Panathinaikos team is defending a 3-2 zone defense, focusing on defending the outside, but the inside is empty!
Garbajosa caught the ball, took one step and jumped into the air.
He has been suppressed by Ribraka since the beginning of the game. He has been holding it in for too long. This ball requires all the strength of his body.
/A huge muffled sound reached the stadium through the loudspeaker.
The basket was suppressed by a few points.
A powerful and heavy slam with both hands!
Real Madrid fans exploded.
Real Madrid was suppressed throughout the game after the opening kick-off, and Bodiroga even made their scalp numb.
But with this sudden score and this dunk, the momentum of Real Madrid immediately increased!
Yannakis stood up again.
And this time, his expression changed, and his original calm and calm eyes had disappeared.
This Sun Hao is not only smart, he is very smart!
Putting aside other abilities, this is a player on the same level as Bodillo and his golf skills!