ly didn’t like the bitter taste of dark beer.

ly didn’t like the bitter taste of dark beer.
But Nelson wanted to drink, so he drank too.
Old Nelson chatted with him over a drink, basically talking about his experiences in Switzerland.
For example, Swiss chocolate is really delicious, better than anything he has tasted in the United States.
Another example is that it’s really cheap to buy watches in Switzerland. It’s a pity that there are more watches there, otherwise he would also be planning to buy one for Sun Hao.
“The scenery of that country is really beautiful. If you have a chance in the future, you must go there with Scarlett.”
Old Nelson automatically acted as a tour guide.
After hearing this, Sun Hao smiled and nodded.
“Scarlett, are you from Los Angeles?”
At this moment, Old Nelson looked at him and asked after taking a big sip of temper.
Sun Hao nodded. He was curious why Old Nelson suddenly asked about this.
” Are
you going to send me to Los Angeles?”
Sun Hao asked with a smile.
Old Nelson didn’t expect Sun Hao to ask this, and he laughed after being stunned for a moment.
“Sun, I have resigned.”
After he finished laughing, he suddenly said.
This time, it was Sun Hao’s turn to be caught off guard. The wine glass that was on his lips was put down again.
/“Resign? Why?”
The news came too suddenly.
“It’s nothing, I’m tired. You know I’m almost 70 years old!”
Nelson said with a laugh.
Of course Sun Hao could see that Old Nelson had something to say, but since Old Nelson chose not to say it, there must be a reason not to say it.
“Is it related to me?”
Sun Hao then asked.
“What are you thinking about? The main thing is Annie. In the past year, I have understood that family is more important than anything else.”
Old Nelson said something very touching.
Sun Hao nodded.
Indeed, Nelson is different from what he was in history. He has also won the championship, so his focus is naturally different.
“So I want to say that it would be good to spend more time with Scarlett.”
Old Nelson still didn’t talk about the deal after all.
/Because he felt that there was no big difference between Sun Hao knowing about this matter earlier and knowing about it later.
“Come on, keep drinking. Now that I’m retired, don’t use the league’s tactics to block me. I still have to drink with you.”
Old Nelson figured it out and felt more relaxed than ever.
People are like this sometimes. The more they care about something, the greater the pressure they feel.
But once you choose to let it go, you will find it easier than ever.
While old Nelson and Sun Hao were drinking, little Nelson was already called to the office by Cuban to discuss the transaction.
The Lakers and Kobe are the first choices.
However, it is by no means limited to the Lakers, or even limited to the Lakers and Wizards.
What Cuban asked Nelson to do was to go to all the possible teams and ask around.
Transactions naturally involve comparing prices.
As for the news leaking, there is no need to worry, because Cuban has already made up his mind. N