on’t affect my treatment of the patients.”

on’t affect my treatment of the patients.”
“Yes, yes.”
So, ten soldiers searched the cabin inside and out. In the end nothing was found. Just when the soldier was about to leave, a soldier with a stern look said: “Boss, look at the ground and the bed is full of water stains.” The soldier raised his eyebrows and looked around, and saw that the ground was full of water stains. It was covered with water stains, and his face sank slightly, and he looked at Hua Tuo, “Miracle Doctor Hua, may I ask if these water stains are?”
Those water stains were left by that woman.
Hua Tuo secretly thought, “Careless”, then suddenly he had a flash of inspiration and said: “Water stains? If you are referring to these on the ground, they were spilled when I washed the herbs and changed the medicine soup for the patients. What, is there a problem? If there is no problem, please go out quickly. After treating them, I will go to give the Prime Minister acupuncture treatment.” The soldier
stiffened and said, “No, no problem. I’m disturbing the miracle doctor.” After that, The fierce soldier leader greeted everyone and left.
Hua Tuo lifted up the fallen door and tied it to the door frame. Then he quickly opened the lid of the medicine bucket and pulled the woman in black out of the medicine soup. “Fortunately, it was sealed with a silver needle.” Her breath, otherwise I will become a sinner. Huh?”
At this moment, Hua Tuo suddenly felt a purple light flashing in his peripheral vision, which seemed to be spit out from Yin Kuang’s eyebrows. fleeting.
“Are your eyes dim?” Hua Tuo blinked and shook his head slightly. And just when Hua Tuo was about to move the night woman out of the medicine bucket, the hand that touched the medicine soup suddenly retracted, “Weird! I obviously controlled the heat, why is this medicine soup so hot?” When
Hua Tuo When he looked at Qian Qianqian, he found that Qian Qianqian’s face was as red as fire, and the woman in black also changed. I don’t know why, but the faces of these two people turned red strangely. That kind of red feels like a red-hot iron.
In contrast, a faint purple aura gradually lingered on Yin Kuang’s face.
Hua Tuo was stunned and didn’t know why. The situation happening in front of him was obviously beyond his understanding, so that he was also a little at a loss. In the end, when he checked the conditions of the three of them one by one, he found that everything was normal. Even the weak breaths of the three of them had improved, and the throat arteries were beating more vigorously.
/“The world is really big and full of wonders.” Hua Tuo sighed. Since this change was not only harmless to the three of them, but actually beneficial, Hua Tuo was relieved and ignored it. Then he picked up a few herbs that were beneficial to the human body and added them to the medicine bucket. He also crushed a few pills and sprinkled the powder into the potion. In an instant, the whole room was filled with the alluring aroma of medicine.
As a doctor, Hua Tuo has done his best.
“Now, it depen