ittle idea of ??the strength of the God of Basketball.

ittle idea of ??the strength of the God of Basketball.
On the stage of the finals, even if he is 40 years old, he can still kill everyone!
Sun Hao just shrugged and showed no emotion.
Jordan was getting more and more unhappy when he saw this, and it seemed that he had to step up his efforts.
Sun Hao continued to pick and roll with Nowitzki in the frontcourt. This time he passed the ball to Nowitzki, who met Alexander’s mid-range shot and hit it steadily.
On the stage of the Western Conference Finals, the pick-and-roll between the two was unable to be used in front of the Spurs, but in the finals, the classic pick-and-roll came again!
5 to 4!
The two teams have never missed a match in the opening match!
Nelson leaned back leisurely on the bench.
When Sun Hao and Nowitzki were chatting before, he deceived the latter and said it was because it was not like playing a game like G6.
Sun Hao was cheating, but that’s what Nelson actually thought.
The Wizards’ offensive strength is much stronger than that of the Nets, but their defense relies on personal ability, making them much more comfortable to play than the Nets.
In a basketball game, isn’t it fun to play against each other?
However, some people must feel uncomfortable.
Jeff Van Gundy, Nelson’s former assistant coach but more of a bald man who studied under Pat Riley, has walked to the sidelines.
Obviously, he was not satisfied with the team’s initial defense.
Jordan continued to attack the basket from the frontcourt. This time, he turned around and did not pass Bell. He forced Bell to the basket and took a shot, causing the latter’s defensive foul!
Jordan lost his center of gravity when he was guarded, and slipped to protect himself when he landed. However, after he was pulled up by Yao Ming, the fighting spirit in his eyes remained.
He was already holding his breath, but Sun Hao’s words before the game stimulated him even more. He was on full fire from the start!
/Walking to the free throw line, taking a breath, Jordan made both free throws!
He scored 6 points in a row in the opening game!
Phil Jackson, Johnson, Pippen and other celebrities who came to the scene to cheer Jordan on the sidelines all smiled and reached out to applaud.
Who said Jordan is old? The God of Basketball is still there!
On the Mavericks bench, Barkley was also happy for Jordan from the bottom of his heart.
Jordan’s emotional intelligence fluctuates and his temper is a little weird. There are only two people who can really be considered his friends.
One is the former bodyguard Oakley, and the other is Buckley.
He must be happy with Jordan’s condition now.
It’s just that he doesn’t know why, but he always feels that there is something wrong with the Wizards’ opening play.
It’s just that the current score is that the Wizards are still leading, and he can’t tell what’s wrong.
Bodiloga played a pick-and-roll with Nowitzki in the frontcourt. Nowitzki faked a shot and actually shot to the basket, but was directly blocked by Yao Ming.
Jordan is