Bulls before was paving the way for Yi Jianlian.

Bulls before was paving the way for Yi Jianlian.
“Did the coach tell you how long we will play tonight?”
/“No, but it should be a long time. There is no one inside the team.”
Yi Jianlian’s next words made Sun Hao stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t help laughing.
The implication of this sentence is that no other insider on the Bulls has competed for him.
But that’s not surprising.
The Bulls’ interior line during this period in history can only be described as bleak.
/Chandler is still on the bench, and the inside card is “Baby Shark” Eddie Curry.
But reality is worse than history. Because of the butterfly effect brought by Sun Hao, Curry went to the Hawks.
The Bulls have no one inside.
No wonder Yi Jianlian said this.
“So you will start tomorrow?”
Yi Jianlian nodded.
After seeing this, Sun Hao smiled and patted Yi Jianlian on the shoulder.
Fagan and the Bucks had a lot of trouble in history, and one of them was a starting commitment.
But now, Yi Jianlian doesn’t have to worry about starting at all, because his talent is very high among the Bulls.
This made Sun Hao look forward to Yi Jianlian’s performance in the evening.
This stadium, which can accommodate more than 5,000 people, was built for the “Ninth National Games”. For this China Games, all the temporary seats that could be added were added.
A total of 10,000 people were seated in the arena. Looking at the scene, I used a very vivid idiom to describe it.
Although the number of people is not as good as that of NBA home games, the atmosphere is definitely not bad.
When the players on both sides came to the court from the locker room, they were all surprised by the explosive cheers.
At this moment, they have the feeling that Chinese fans are the most passionate fans in the world.
The scene began to warm up. Zhang Weiping and Su Qun interviewed Sun Hao and Yi Jianlian on both sides.
In this Chinese game, the derby between the two is the focus of the fans’ most attention.
Zhang Weiping is a veteran. When he interviewed Sun Hao, he mostly asked about things about the Mavericks, constantly whetting the fans’ appetite.
It was not until the end that he asked about Yi Jianlian.
“What do you think Ah Lian can do tonight?”
“15+10, I have high expectations for him.”
Sun Hao said with a smile.
Zhang Weiping burst out laughing after hearing this. Sun Hao’s answer did not require his cooperation at all.
On the other side, Yi Jianlian was asked a similar question by Su Qun.
But because he was the one being asked, he acted very low-key.
“5+5, what I have to do more is on the defensive end.”
Su Qun couldn’t stop nodding after hearing this.
Newcomers say they need to defend well, which is what the head coach likes to hear most.
However, sharp-eyed fans also saw a familiar figure on the Bulls side besides Yi Jianlian.
Scottie Pippen.
The Trail Blazers are now falling apart and Pippen is 38 years old.
In the past summer, he declined invitations from championship teams such as the Lakers and