a little by Lu Bu’s power.

a little by Lu Bu’s power.
On the other side, Shen Kou did not dare to waste any time. Because now even the slightest moment may bring him death. He didn’t want to die, so he squeezed out all his energy, and the accumulated anger spurted out like a torrent. With a thought, he gathered great strength, and a huge green fist hit the red rabbit beast on Lu Bu’s crotch.
Shen Kou’s luck, or rather Murong Yan’s luck, was both good. The teleportation of the “dodge” card caused Lu Bu to appear on the back right side of Lu Bu, which was exactly the blind spot for Lu Bu, who was holding the weapon in his left hand. Even if he could react, it would take time. Therefore, Lu Bu couldn’t block Shen Kou’s punch at all. However, Lu Bu’s failure to block it in time does not mean that the red rabbit beast will be beaten obediently. Immediately, they saw the red rabbit raise its butt and kick its hind hooves backwards. The beast seemed to have eyes on its butt, and the iron hooves, which were larger than Shen Kou’s fist, hit Shen Kou’s fist.
There was a loud noise, and Shen Kou, who was known for his strength, was kicked away by the red rabbit’s iron hoof.
However, Red Rabbitmon may not be feeling well either. After receiving Shen Kou’s iron fist, his huge body became a little unstable. He took two steps forward with his front hooves before he could stabilize his body.
At this time, Wei Ming moved again. He charged forward, then shoved him to the ground, used the slope of the mountain to sneak under the belly of the Red Rabbit Beast, and then kicked up the sky, directly towards the place where the Red Rabbit Beast was. No matter what kind of creature it is, that place is always the most vulnerable. There’s no reason why Wei Ming shouldn’t attack there.
“Seeking death!”
Again and again, Lu Bu and Lu Fengxian became completely angry! Who is Lu Bu? Being tricked around by a few ants is unbearable! ?
What’s more, the three shameless brothers are only about thirty steps away from here at this time. Once we are surrounded by them again, the consequences will be disastrous.
Violent red energy surged into the halberd in the sky. Lu Bu bent down to explore the sea, and the halberd stabbed the red rabbit horse in the belly. Not to mention, once the soul power is activated, the attack power will immediately increase to a higher level. Just when Wei Ming was about to kick the descendant of the red rabbit beast, with a “pop” sound, Fang Tian’s painted halberd stabbed Wei Ming’s feet, cutting off both of Wei Ming’s feet!
Blood surges!