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The imperial capital of the Ten Thousand Realms Empire, the royal palace and gardens.
Yin Kuang saw Lian Nishang who was killing fish with leaves boredly. The pond in the Royal Garden is already filled with ornamental fish that have turned white. Yin Kuang really couldn’t say anything about this, but he just had a second of silence in his heart for those ornamental fish that died in vain.
Seeing Yin Kuang, Lian Nishang threw away the remaining leaves in her hand, sat down on the jade pier in the pavilion, and said, “Are you ready for what I want?” Yin Kuang sat down opposite her, He handed over the “Admission Notice” from Dongsheng University, looked at Lian Nishang and said seriously: “Just write your name on this horizontal line, but Lian Nishang, for the sake of us, we live and die together.” For the sake of you, I advise you to think carefully again. This piece of paper is an unsolvable curse! Once you sign your name, you will never be free again, and you can only continue to struggle on the edge of death like me. ”
Lian Nishang paused and said calmly: “Everyone gets what they need.”
Yin Kuang was silent. Of course he knows what is needed to practice Nishang. I have to say that Yin Kuang admires this woman Lian Nishang. For the sake of the one you love, even though you know there is a bottomless abyss in front of you, you still jump in without hesitation. This courage and determination, this steadfastness in love, which will last until death, is the only one Yin Kuang has ever met, Lian Nishang!
To be honest, a trace of unbearable emotion surged from Yin Kuang’s heart at this moment.
/“Alas!” Yin Kuang said, “In that case, I can only say: you are welcome to join our hard-working student party team.”
Lian Nishang pouted. Although she didn’t quite understand what Yin Kuang meant by “pushing the student party team hard,” she also knew it wasn’t a good thing. Then she grabbed the langhao pen that Yin Kuang had prepared earlier, dipped it in ink and wrote the three elegant words “Lian Nishang” on the “Admission Notice”.
With a “pop” sound, the admission notice spontaneously ignited, just like the scene when Yin Kuang entered college. The self-igniting flame gradually formed a few words: Welcome to the horror college! Then, the acceptance letter turned into ashes.
“Is this okay?” Lian Nishang asked.
Yin Kuang nodded and said: “Yes. Now calm down and think about it carefully. The principal should have poured some memories directly into your mind. If you don’t understand, you can ask me again.”
Lian Nishang was doubtful. But he closed his eyes and meditated as he was told. However, the next moment, she opened her eyes suddenly. His big bright eyes were filled with shock. Lian Nishang said: “This is impossible! When did the principal pour those things into my consciousness? Why don’t I feel anything at all!” Yin Kuang shrugged and said: “The thing I want to tell you in particular is: In college, don’t be shocked no matter what happens. Because here, anything can happen. And all you have to