opening of the door and window last night, he had received an order from the church, telling him not to investigate or delve into it.

Regarding this order, Leonard wanted to obey but was unable to do so, because he had already known the general truth from the old man Pales Zoroaster:
Mr. “Gate” returned to the real world, and “Angel of Time” Amon took the opportunity to steal his god-making ceremony and was promoted to a “bug” in sequence 0. Almost at the same time, Mr. Fool further revived and established weak and fleeting connections with the Extraordinaries of the three paths of “Soothsayer”, “Apprentice” and “Stealer” through “Origin Castle”.
——As an angel of the “Stealer” path, Pales Zoroastrian can undoubtedly sense that Amon has become a god, experience the corresponding changes in authority, and find that “Source Castle” has established some kind of relationship with itself. connect.
“Old man, Amon has already been promoted to Sequence 0. You should be of no use to him now. Why are you still ‘parasitizing’ in my body?” Leonard took a breath of fresh morning air and said, He lowered his voice and asked with half confusion and half concern.
In his mind, Pales Zoroaster said “ha”:
“Do you feel that you have become a saint and have mastered a lot of mystical knowledge and no longer need my teachings?”
“You can choose to teach me face to face.” Leonard said after considering his tone.
For him, having an angel “parasitized” in his body has both advantages and disadvantages.
The most obvious disadvantage is that life is controlled by a “parasite”. If the other party has malicious intentions, he can’t stop it at all.
This issue used to be Leonard’s biggest worry, but now it is not important, because Mr. Fool is recovering more and more, and has been able to completely suppress Pales Zoroastrian, and Leonard has also become The senior deacon of the Church of the Night will inevitably be watched by the “Goddess of the Night” and even be specially marked. In this case, it is impossible that the god in charge of the secrets will not be able to discover Pales Zoroastrian. If the old man is not pregnant, Good intentions have been resolved long ago.
What bothers Leonard most right now is that many things are not very convenient because of this.
Although he is used to going in and out of the bathroom with an old guy “parasitizing” in his body, and even chatting with him while squatting on the toilet, he still prefers to be alone in similar situations.
Therefore, he felt that it was a better way to get along with the old man leaving his body and living in his home like an elder. When he needed to deal with more dangerous things, he could let the old man come back temporarily as a “parasitist”.
After hearing Leonard’s suggestion, Pales Zoroaster sneered:
/“Are you still thinking that you will be free of ‘parasitism’ when you return home, and then ‘parasitize’ again when you need to go out?
“Do you think I’m your bodyguard?”
/Leonard laughed dryly, then said:
“If you haven’t fully recovered and wa