tful spirit.

“Is that lady in Ramde Town a believer of the goddess?” Dunn asked thoughtfully.
“Yes.” Klein answered affirmatively.
“Then there’s no problem. You and I will go to Ramde Town now and try to have dinner there. Well, bring Fry with us. His abilities are very useful in incidents related to dead bodies and ghosts.” Dunn Rubbing his temples, he tried to think whether he had forgotten anything.
If Elizabeth does not believe in the goddess of the night, she must be handed over to the “Punisher” or the “Mechanical Heart” according to her specific beliefs. If her belief is not even within the three major churches, it belongs to the “Mechanical Heart” in charge of the suburbs. .
Klein said nothing more and waited quietly for a while, finally hearing Dunn add:
“Also, since we are three people acting, we can apply to use Sealed Artifact 30782.”
“30782” Klein thought hard for a while before he remembered that the corresponding sealed object was the “Mutated Sun Holy Emblem”.
/The extraordinary effect of this holy emblem seems to last for a long time. Its function is to continuously purify dead corpses and ghosts within fifteen meters of it. The disadvantage is that it will also purify the souls of normal people at the same time. Research data shows that if a normal person is within fifteen meters of it, If you stay within the range for an hour, you will become an idiot who only knows how to “praise the sun”. The limit for extraordinary people is 6 hours.
As for ghosts and dead bodies, they will disintegrate in less than a minute.
Hey, the captain actually remembered the code name of this sealed object. I feel like his memory is not as good as his. Klein was suddenly startled and almost found a noodle to hang himself.
At this moment, Dunn Smith leaned back and asked with deep gray eyes:
“You went to the Divination Club again. Have you felt any changes in the past two days?”
Captain, this is the question I want you to ask. Klein nodded seriously:
“I feel better, I even think that I can pass the examination of the temple now, this is a feeling and confidence that cannot be described in words.
Thinking that the answer just now might be a little vague, he couldn’t help but add another sentence:
“Perhaps the name of the potion is really the key. When I strictly follow the rules of a diviner that I summed up to become a diviner, everything becomes beautiful and easy. Well, I have been able to use more hidden methods to open my soul. Watched.”
Dunn frowned slightly, his eyes narrowed inward, and he said to himself as if he was thinking: “The name of the potion.”
After more than ten seconds, he looked at Klein again and said:
Considering that Elizabeth was a good friend of his sister and had promised that the problem would be solved within a week, Klein replied without any embarrassment: “There is no need to waste time like this. After we set off, just let the carriage go around Daffodil Street.”
“Okay, you go find Fry, I’ll fill out the application form and collect Sealed Artifact 30782.” Dunn pointed to