ked, he discovered that there were no strange eyes on Enuni’s neck at all.

He must have not slept well last night and had some strange dreams, which led to a lack of concentration and hallucinations… Walter hurriedly collected his thoughts and lowered his head slightly.
Klein apologized in his heart, nodded gently and said:
/“No problem, enjoy the day with your family.”
After watching the butler Walter leave the second floor, Klein entered the restaurant and looked around. He found that the male and female servants were much more energetic than usual, and even felt a little restless.
“Sure enough, the ‘Life Cane’ can also affect humans, but it is relatively less exaggerated and in a more normal and acceptable range… According to this logic, the reproductive ability of servants must have improved. The only problem is , they have no spouse and cannot manifest…
“Hmm… Mr. Butler’s return home today will lead to multiple children in nine to ten months… His wife is also close to forty. It is a bit dangerous to give birth in this era. Of course, as the other party of reproduction, The influence of the ‘Life Cane’ will spread, so there should be no problem…
“Hey, I don’t know if the potential impact will make it easier to have children. If the fertility rate in Berklund Street increases significantly after Dawn Dantès moves in, then my reputation will be ruined…” Ke Ryan’s thoughts spread out endlessly, and finally he concluded two sentences in his mind:
The “Cane of Life” is indeed very strange!
From now on, I will only be in the real world for a certain period of time every day, and try not to affect the humans around me!
After breakfast, Klein took his valet Enuni and walked to the first floor, preparing to go for a walk.
At this time, two second-class maids were cleaning the hall.
“Good morning, sir.” Seeing Dawn Dantès coming, the two maids immediately stood up, moved out of the way, and said hello.
Of course, if they are in a corner, they will try not to make any noise so as not to disturb their employer. This is the teaching from the butler Walter.
Klein nodded lightly, responded simply, and slowly approached the door.
/At this time, the two maids suddenly saw an ear of wheat stuck on Enyuni’s head. The grains were plump and golden.
Before they had time to take a closer look, the valet seemed to have noticed something unusual. He raised his right hand and tore off the wheat ear with considerable force.
The two maids looked at each other, a little surprised and a little amused.
When they thought about it, Enyuni accidentally got some wheat ears on his body when he followed Mr. Dantès to the Manor of Maygo. He brought them back to 160 Berklund Street and let them scatter in his room. There are places that are not easy to clean, such as under the pillow. Then, when I went to bed last night, I pushed the pillow away in a dream and rolled an ear of wheat into my hair, but I didn’t find it during my breakfast and washing.
Although this process is complicated and not easy to implement, it is