er looked at me. Her eyes were so sharp at this moment that it made me feel cold. She said, “Take them to a sanatorium, otherwise you will have no way out.”

er looked at me. Her eyes were so sharp at this moment that it made me feel cold. She said, “Take them to a sanatorium, otherwise you will have no way out.”
/Only then did I realize that the place deep in the mountains was actually a sanatorium. But I have no idea how to get there.
In fact, I didn’t have many questions to ask the girl. I just wanted to see her instinctively. The key was that I knew he could tell who he was from me. In fact, the reason why I wanted to see her was a deeper reason. Or I wanted to be sure of who I was. When I saw the test sheet for my B blood type, I began to have a deep doubt about myself. I began to doubt who I really was, and when I saw the girl. Just wanted to confirm.
The girl didn’t say anything to indicate my identity this time. What she said that impressed me most was what she said at 801 that day – he is who he is. Until now I still don’t understand what she meant or who I am.
The girl didn’t stay for too long and left quickly. I was left alone in the entire custodial room. Outside were the police officers and Guo Zehui. I didn’t know this guy from the police station. Although I knew Guo Zehui, now we The identity was reversed. He never said a word to me. Although I was his former colleague, now in his eyes, I am not He Yang at all, but the murderous pervert.
So I had no intention of talking to him. Because even if we talk to him, he will think that I just have some intentions. Zhuang Nong Hua.
So in the afternoon, Wang Zhexuan came to change shifts. I stayed in the special care unit for two days. They changed shifts every four hours. People from the office came in turns, but that person never came. It’s probably impossible for people to see anything. Because he and I cannot appear at the same time.
The first time I felt that Wang Zhexuan was special was from this time. In the past, because we didn’t have many interactions, the new ones didn’t participate much in our previous cases. It seemed that Fan Zhen was They have arranged new tasks, so we don’t have much contact with him. My impression of him is purely based on his appearance. He is a young man with outstanding appearance. The rest is unimpressive.
But after he arrived, he quickly started talking to me. He kept staring at me for a long time, and I asked him impatiently: “What are you looking at?
” Li was obviously a little impatient, but he was not annoyed. Instead, he said: “You and He Yang look really alike. If you stand next to each other, you can’t tell who is who. You are even more similar than twins.” .”
I just looked at him and didn’t say anything else. I felt that he was just a very curious young man at most, but then he said: “But I always look at you a little weird. Yes, it should be said that I felt weird when I looked at He Yang.”
I heard him say this, so I asked: “What kind of weird method?”
But he said something that scared me a little, and he said: “I I think you two might look more alike if you switch identities.”
/What he said was a little vague and not very clear, but I was inde