hat, said goodbye and left.

Emlyn’s lips moved, but in the end he didn’t ask anything and followed Gehrman Sparrow out of the house where Sharon and Maric were.
The messenger lady didn’t even ask for gold coins… She was busy for Him, and she really shouldn’t charge… If I really had to charge, the gold coins on my body are historical projections, and I can only rely on Emlyn… I have to say, Emlyn The “spiritual ring” that Lin provided to Miss “Magician” has a really good effect. On the one hand, it can enhance Miss “Magician”‘s spirituality, and on the other hand, it can speed up her spiritual recovery, which makes her unexpectedly After holding on until now… Klein had just turned his thoughts around when he heard Emlyn White ask with slight confusion:
“That lady, uh, Miss Sharon, is a Sequence 4 demigod of the ‘Alien’ pathway?”
“Yes, the name of the potion is ‘Puppet’.” Klein kindly reminded him.
Emlyn suddenly understood, was silent for two seconds, and said with a slightly complicated expression:
“It would be perfect if she couldn’t speak or move.”
…If “Joker” hadn’t been a master of expression management, Klein would have almost spit on Emlyn’s face.
He also thought that the other party would praise Miss Sharon’s beauty and doll qualities, showing obsession and fanaticism, but as a result…
I can’t understand this guy’s spiritual world… After controlling the urge to “pop”, Klein sighed sincerely in his heart.
Emlyn glanced at him, as if he guessed what he was thinking, and said “ha”:
“What are your two favorite things?”
In terms of Gehrman Sparrow’s character, he shouldn’t answer such a boring question, but Klein is still Sherlock Moriarty, and he is friends with the vampire in front of him. He thought about it and walked towards the alley. , and said casually:
“Money and good food.”
“Then I will give you a stack of gold pounds that you can eat. Would you like it?” Emlyn showed no fear of the crazy adventurer like Miss Magician. He walked beside Gehrman Sparrow and said asked further.
Klein imagined it for a moment and felt that this not only tarnished the use value of the gold pound, but also made the food lose its attractive appearance, so he slowly shook his head.
“So…” Emlyn curled up his lips and said, “Although I like exquisite and beautiful dolls and beautiful and pure girls at the same time, if they are combined together, it will inevitably make me feel a little strange. Well, every one of me I think all dolls have their own characters and stories. If they suddenly come to life, but they are not what I imagined, I will be very disappointed and worried… Of course, if there is a chance to get the ‘Puppet’ potion, everyone can Let each doll get a little wet, I might try…”
/Emlyn talked about his contradictory thoughts and acted like a philosopher.
If Miss Justice were here, she should be able to analyze Emlyn’s true mental state from such reactions and words… Before Klein could respond, his figure instantly faded and disappeared.
In the house that Forsi and Xio rente