an 100 meters.

an 100 meters.
“Stop daydreaming! It’s time to wake up!” Liu Qian reached out and patted Lin Shiya’s face. He just accidentally saw her hanging upside down from the tower crane on the top of the high-rise building, and then he saw her He fell straight down from above. After seeing that scene, Liu Qian subconsciously rushed over.
Fortunately, his physical strength, speed, vision, and hearing were far beyond those of ordinary people. He stepped on the black-spotted zombies everywhere and rushed to the place where she fell in time. Fortunately, when Lin Shiya fell, she opened her arms and fully stretched her body, which slightly slowed down her fall, allowing Liu Qian to jump up to seven or eight meters just before she fell to the ground. After removing the force of her downward thrust, the two of them spun and landed on the flesh pad formed by the black-spotted zombie tide. They rolled on the ground for more than a dozen times to save her life.
/If someone else didn’t have Liu Gan’s alloy arm, and he forcibly hugged Lin Shiya as she fell from a high altitude, the result would probably be a broken arm. However, Liu Gan’s alloy arm could completely withstand the huge force of her fall, and then he practiced parkour He landed and rolled very experiencedly, ensuring the safety of the two of them.
The most pitiable thing was the black-spotted zombies nearby. They didn’t even eat a bite of fresh meat, but they were used as meat pads to crush them all over the floor. The dead ones were maimed, and the rest were preparing to surround Liu Qian and Lin. It’s poetic, but the heroic and invincible Galaxy Battle Group has already killed them, leaving them dead everywhere in an instant.
“I’m not dead? You brought so many people here to find me?” Lin Shiya looked around and saw the familiar people in the community gathered around her, and when she looked back at Liu Qian’s eyes, she couldn’t help but be deeply moved. .
“No, you are thinking too much. I was just passing by on business and saw an unknown object falling from high in the sky. I happened to catch it.” Liu Qian let go of Lin Shiya’s body, put her on the ground, and then didn’t even look up. He walked away to the side.
“You just lied to me and said that the person who came to see me specially would not die. What do you mean by an unidentified object?” Lin Shiya stroked her forehead and complained crazily in her heart with shame. This man is good at everything. It’s just not romantic at all. To say he’s colder than a stone would be an insult to a stone.
“Would any of you pick me up?” Lingling also yelled and fell from the sky. When everyone reacted, she had fallen heavily to an uninhabited ground, and her body was deformed.
“Lingling!” Lin Shiya quickly got up and ran over.
“Oh, the poor child whose father doesn’t love her mother doesn’t love her, life is so miserable.” Lingling sighed. Fortunately, the alloy skeleton she had replaced throughout her body would not be broken. After twisting the slightly misaligned bones, she recovered. Climbed up from the gr