dn’t seem as simple as just wanting to make peace with him, right?” Liu Gan looked at the treadmill suspiciously.

dn’t seem as simple as just wanting to make peace with him, right?” Liu Gan looked at the treadmill suspiciously.
“I really just want to talk to him and resolve the conflict. I mean well, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t appreciate it.” Treadmill muttered a few words, but these words were not a lie.
Liu Gan didn’t ask any more questions. After sewing up the wound on the treadmill palm, he and Han Guangming walked over and covered Huang Weitao’s body with a sheet.
Therapists play a very important role in the team, and there were not many therapists in the prison camp, only two in total. This sudden loss of one made Liu Qian very depressed and annoyed. This matter will definitely not end so easily, but Liu Qian decided to listen to Zhang Shengli and Wang Decheng’s opinions on how to deal with it after going back.
Otherwise, in his rage, he would have definitely killed Hu Jun and Zhou Jingjing, but this was obviously not the best result.
Treadmill looked at Huang Weitao’s body covered with sheets, but suddenly remembered something.
When Treadmill went to report to Liu Gan that there was something wrong with Zhou Jingjing in the mirror, why did Huang Weitao rush over and stop him? He also said something about joking and forcibly pulled him away from Liu Qian and Han Guangming.
After being pulled away, when he saw Hu Jun and Zhou Jingjing about to leave the middle hall, he rushed over in a hurry to save people, completely ignoring Huang Weitao’s unusual behavior. But now that I think about it carefully, Huang Weitao couldn’t have done that for no reason. So the question is, what did Huang Weitao discover that made him rush over to stop the treadmill and report to Liu Qian and the other two?
Treadmill couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. He didn’t expect to come up to this level just now. When he remembered it now, Huang Weitao had already lost his head, and he couldn’t ask him about it.
/Moreover, after being nervous and scared just now, Treadmill now feels a little sad. After all, Huang Weitao is a brother who has a very good relationship with him. Just now, in order to resolve the conflict between him and Hu Jun, he rushed over to break up the fight and was accidentally killed by Hu Jun. Yes, speaking of his death, Treadmill felt that he had to bear some responsibility.
Looking at Huang Weitao’s body on the ground, he recalled the scenes in which he and Huang Weitao joked about each other, Huang Weitao helped him treat his injuries, and of course fought side by side. The more he thought about it, the sadder he became. Coupled with fear and guilt, he suddenly lost control of his emotions. Huang Weitao walked over to his body and burst into tears.
Seeing Treadmill so sad, Qi Shaohua also felt a little sad. He knelt down to persuade Treadmill. After all, Huang Weitao had been with them before and the relationship had always been very good.
/“Master Liu, it’s all my fault. I should have imprisoned Hu Jun earlier, so that the therapist would not be accidentally killed.” Han Guangming came over and sa