gy. I reached out and opened the door of the cafe and made a gesture of invitation.

gy. I reached out and opened the door of the cafe and made a gesture of invitation.
When Guangmo Huimei walked out, I looked back at the unhappy black parrot, nodded, and then walked away.
“Who were those people just now?” Guangmo Huimei hesitated before asking.
I smiled and said, “You can rest assured that they will not do anything bad to you.”
After seeing off Emi Hiroma, I also felt something was wrong about the sudden visit of Kuroyoshi today. What was the purpose of him and Kammon instigating Abe Unzan to kidnap Yoshiko Ashiya? What do they want from the Ashiya family?
/Coincidentally, a short time after I got home, the Ashiya family also came. Naturally, they discovered the whereabouts of Ashiya Yoshiko and hoped that I would come forward to help. If the black parrots had not come to see me today, I might have gone with them, but the black parrots happened as soon as this happened. It doesn’t feel right to me. At that time, he said: “I need to know more truth. I want to know why Abe Unzan and the evil Onmyoji kidnapped Yoshiko Ashiya. I want to know what they want to get from your Ashiya family.” As soon as
these words came out. At that time, the Ashiya family was shocked, because they had agreed that I would help first without asking why. But now I actually asked the reason, which immediately made things difficult for the Ashiya family.
“If you can’t make the decision. Then find someone among you who can make the decision.” I shouted.
The Ashiya family really relied on me this time, so they didn’t know how to respond to my request, so they reported the matter at that time. About half an hour later a car drove up. The visitor turned out to be Ashiya Yoshiko’s second uncle, Ashiya Moya.
“Ba Xiaoshan, we agreed.” I had a private conversation with Ashiya Moya, and he yelled at me at that time.
“It was indeed agreed, but now I have changed my mind. If you want me to help, you must tell me what the evil Onmyoji wants to get from your Ashiya family. If you don’t tell me, then I’m sorry, I don’t care about this. Can’t help. ”
Now the Ashiya family is in a very bad situation, and the Abe family has also sent people to participate in trying to bring Abe Unzan back. At the same time, in order to protect Abe Unzan from retaliation by the Ashiya family, the Abe family sent several teams to secretly protect Abe Unzan. Once the Ashiya family took action, if someone from the Abe family was injured, the fuse might be lit.
“You are forcing us!” Ashiya Moya looked at me with hostility in his eyes. I smiled and said: “My conditions have been made clear. This time I can’t be a headless fly and follow you around. You can think about it and I’ll wait for your answer.”
After I walked out of the room and waited in the living room for five or six minutes, Ashiya Moya came out of the room and said when he saw me, “I asked my father for permission in person. Let me tell you all this. This is a phone call after the line is encrypted. Just talk to him directly.”
/I answered the phone and heard the deep and unhappy