three countries in China and Mainland sincere in forming an alliance with us?”

Caesar IV asked with concern.
Decision makers in various countries are all human beings. Since they are human beings, they cannot be 100% rational.
Many times, the most correct choice is not the final choice. Any snowflake falling may trigger an avalanche. The final factor that affects the decision is probably a small snowflake.
The need to form an alliance and the sincerity to form an alliance may seem to be one and the same, but in many cases they are diametrically opposed.
When there are more people, there are more disputes.
There are so many people in the three countries of the Central Continent, and there must be some who are opposed to the alliance. Although there is no decision that can influence the kingdom, delaying the decision can always be done.
Unless the three governments can make up their minds to promote the alliance at all costs, domestic public opinion will inevitably hijack the issue of compensation.
“Your Majesty, the three governments still have sincerity, but the price they are willing to pay is really not much.
/The opposition forces within the three countries are not small. Out of concerns about the international situation, these guys believe that the Five-Nation Alliance will cause dissatisfaction among the countries in the Southern Continent. With the support of the Human Alliance, an alliance between the three countries in the Central Continent is enough to cope with the current situation.
Especially when it comes to compensation, these guys have a particularly fierce attitude, openly claiming that this is betraying national interests.
This is an internal issue among the three countries and it is inconvenient for us to intervene directly. ”
Count Francis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said with a helpless expression.
The matter of the Five-Nation Alliance has already caused a stir in the international community. It was originally agreed to be a secret negotiation, but the news was directly leaked by these opposition parties.
The final outcome is: except for the Kingdom of Frank, which is willing to support the alliance of the five countries, the remaining powerful countries in the southern continent collectively express their opposition.
With the support of international public opinion, the arrogance of the opponents of the alliance naturally increased, causing the alliance faction to be in dire straits.
It is not only the three countries of the Central Continent that are in trouble. There is even a group of people within the Alpha Kingdom who are opposed to the alliance, especially against helping the three countries of the Central Continent complete their military reforms.
/The opposition believes that the three countries in the Central Continent have a solid foundation. Once the military reform is completed, their strength will grow by leaps and bounds, which will pose a threat to the kingdom.
These objections are all well-founded. Before the outbreak of the Continental War, the ambitions of