s just because you just learned this information from Patrick Brain and haven’t had time to inform Zaratul yet?” Klein retorted through Marionette.

At the same time, he judged from the words of the “Red Angel” evil spirit that Zaratul had really come to Backlund!
This is a complete, unrestricted, weird and terrifying Sequence 1 angel, enough to be called a hidden existence!
The “Red Angel” evil spirit glanced at the valet and his master, smiled and said:
“Patrick Blaine is a fool. I can get what I want to know out of him in a quarter of an hour, and it’s been a whole night and a morning since the ceremony.”
…Maybe you and Miss Messenger have something in common… Klein asked Marionette to raise his eyebrows and said:
The “Red Angel” evil spirit caused the easy chair beneath him to shake slightly:
“I don’t know if you have ever heard this saying. When you choose an extraordinary path, the corresponding friends and enemies are determined. You and I are not friends, but we are not enemies either.
“Of course, you did have some conflicts with me, but no one suffered any big losses, and the matter is over. As far as I am concerned, because your growth will bring great trouble to some guys I hate, So I don’t really want to kill you early, but I’m happy to see you continue to advance.”
The Great Emperor said something similar… Certain guys he hates… Klein considered and asked:
“‘Amon the Blasphemer’?”
“It’s not that ignorant, and it’s not that stupid.” The “Red Angel” evil spirit laughed and raised his hand to rub his chin.
Regardless of His words or actions, people have the urge to hit Him.
After thinking about it, Klein calmly pointed out a problem:
“Then you can definitely choose Zaratul. If he can improve because of this, it will also bring great trouble to ‘The Blasphemer’ Amon. Compared with him, I am still too weak and it will take a long time. It takes time to grow, and there are too many unexpected possibilities.”
The “Red Angel” evil spirit nodded seriously:
“Indeed, that’s what I thought at the beginning. How can you, a guy like you who is not much better than a wild dog, compete with Zarathu who is already at Sequence 1? Will you die faster than anyone else?”
Having said this, the “Red Angel” evil spirit changed the topic and sighed:
“However, it would be wonderful if we could choose the ideal solution for everything in this world…”
/Before He finished speaking, a bloody gash suddenly appeared on the left side of his bloodless cheek.
The tear was very large, and the mouth opened and closed, revealing two rows of illusory white teeth inside:
“I have investigated and found that the decline of the Sauron family was caused by Zaratul and Russell!”
Is this the spirit left by the ancestor of the Sauron family? The split personality of “Red Angel” is more serious than I thought. No, this is not a normal split personality. It means three people are stuffed into one body. No matter what they do, they must first reach an agreement, otherwise there will be internal strife… …Klein