time, and the figure quickly disappeared and retracted into the pale candlelight.

After reaching the contract, Klein no longer needs to use the spell to cancel the summons. He can complete it with his own will.
Phew, there is finally a messenger, “a spirit that wanders in illusion, a friendly creature that can be driven, a messenger that belongs exclusively to Gehrman Sparrow.” Well, there is a chance to find a craftsman to make an item similar to a copper whistle, so as not to Every time a messenger is summoned, a ceremony must be held. Klein is in a good mood and picks up the mess.
In the next few days, Byam gradually returned to normal, but Daniz still did not listen to the telegram from the “Blood Admiral” pirate group.
On Sunday morning, he flipped through the newspaper and suddenly lowered his voice and said to Klein:
“There is a gathering of extraordinary people tonight. Do you want to attend?”
Extraordinary Gathering Klein thought for a moment and then nodded in response:
The collection of auxiliary materials for the “Puppet Master” potion should also be put on the agenda, and he could also see if he could meet a craftsman. He subconsciously planned the arrangements in his mind.
Seeing Gehrman Sparrow agreeing, Danitz breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but smile.
In the past few days, the bounty has been greatly increased and he has been responsible for monitoring. He has not gone out. He has stayed in the hotel suite very honestly. He is really depressed and can’t wait for night to come immediately.
Klein wore a black coat and a silk top hat. He followed Daniz through the crowded bar hall and entered a certain card room. Under the watchful eyes of several guards, he gave the agreed-upon code and walked along the hidden stairs. Go down and come to a wide underground area.
Like the “Evil Dragon Bar” in Tingen City, there is an underground trading market selling herbs, essential oils, ancient books, charms and various common occult materials, but the difference is that there are also a variety of guns and ammunition. For sale, Klein even found antique firecrackers and lead bullets.
Oh, and those who sell fake identity documents and engrave fake seals are indeed overseas colonies. Similar industries are much more developed than Tingen. I will buy a batch of materials later and use them to make spells in the “Poseidon” field. If the quantity is large, it will always happen. Klein turned his head left and right slightly to take in all the conditions in the underground area.
Next to him, Daniz had already doubted his makeup skills. He deliberately wore a peaked cap, lowering the front of it very low, covering less than half of his face. At this time, he very skillfully led Klein straight underground. At the other end of the trading market, the closed door was knocked open with two long and four short knocks.
There was only one candle behind the door. It was swaying on the lamp stand on the side wall, casting dim light, barely illuminating the small room.
/Danitz pointed to the robes, m