ry smile.

“What novels does she read?” Klein asked without changing his tone.
“Those classics by Russell, as well as the popular love stories now.” Elaine answered calmly.
/Klein nodded:
“Does she have a collection room?”
“Yes, but except for her and a few mysterious visitors, no one else can enter, including me.” Elaine recalled.
Klein was silent for a few seconds, keeping his posture unchanged and said:
“Tell me your story.”
“Mine” Elaine pointed to herself in surprise.
Klein nodded lightly and did not repeat it again.
Elaine was stunned for a while and said:
“My story is simple.
“My father was a member of the Sauron family, the former royal family of Intis, and received a considerable amount of wealth, but he was addicted to alcohol, mistresses, marijuana and gambling, and eventually became bankrupt.
“In order to repay the debt, I chose to accept some of the family’s conditions, became an Extraordinary, and went to sea to start a maritime business.”
/As she spoke, Elaine’s eyes turned up slightly, seeming to be lost in memories:
“I first resold the steel and coal shipped from the west coast of the Sea to Fenebaud, and then brought the tobacco, coffee, cocoa and other specialties there back to Intis. This is a coastal route, relatively safe and competitive. It was very intense. In order to get out of the predicament as soon as possible, I saved my capital while working hard to improve my rank, hoping to do colonial trade.\
“She doesn’t have the habit of killing indiscriminately, she just robbed the goods, and me.”
Klein, who is worthy of being an alternative among witches, listened quietly, used his clown abilities to suppress his embarrassment, and asked expressionlessly:
“How far have you developed?”
“No,” Elaine instinctively denied, “She forced me to do it. I don’t want to die, I can only, can only choose to bear it, and, moreover, she is a woman.”
Madam, you don’t need to react so fiercely. If I ask you whether you have had a super-friendship relationship, you still have to jump from here. I am a kind-hearted person. Considering your shame, I am not so direct. Wow, crazy. Under the mask of Gehrman Sparrow, I am a gentleman. This is the most real me. Klein’s expression did not change and he turned to ask:
“What cuisine do you prefer? Do you particularly like a dish that’s sweeter, saltier, or somewhere in between?
“What foods do you hate and what are you allergic to?
“Do you have a mouth habit? If so, what is it?
Each of these questions sounded like Elaine was dreaming, not real enough.
She never thought that the other party would ask similar questions, just like a suitor asking the person he likes about his preferences.
No, no suitor would ask this question. This is all brought out indirectly in chats, or inquired from other channels. No woman would like others to ask this question. This is more like the questionnaire invented by Emperor Russell. He, what does he want to do? He asked these questions without any expression. I was very afraid that Elaine remained silent for a fe