bounty of 42,000 pounds, he should be a little stronger. Klein was suddenly enlightened.

He kept the same posture as before, seemingly unaffected by the information from “Admiral Blood”:
/“Where are my subordinates?”
Daniz was well prepared and said immediately:
/“The ten strongest men under Senior are the first mate, second mate, third mate of the flagship, and the captain of each ship.
“Steel Maiviti is the second officer of the flagship. We guess that he has a Sequence 6. His body is like steel. He can block bullets and shells. He is not afraid of fire, drowning, and many kinds of magic. He is powerful, quick in movement, and can directly tear apart the opponent. Mastering certain necromancy spells, you can awaken living corpses and cultivate puppets.”
“Living corpse” Klein directly thought of Maric who was playing cards with the living corpse.
Combined with the “Wraith Soul” characteristics of “Blood Admiral” Senior, can we think that this group of pirates is actually a peripheral organization of the Rose School, or an organization used to make money? Unfortunately, I don’t have a messenger, and I didn’t ask Sha Is there Miss Lun? Otherwise, you can contact her to confirm the identity of the “Blood Admiral”, Klein guessed with a little regret.
He didn’t give up just because it might involve the Rose School of Thought. Anyway, he could change his face and identity afterwards. Moreover, he had already offended the Aurora Society, Witch Sect, Redemption Rose, and Twilight Hermit Society, so he wasn’t afraid of offending one more.
In fact, it’s not like I haven’t fought against the Rose School before. I have killed a “revenge soul”, a “living corpse”, a “werewolf” before, and snatched the “Crimson Moon Crown” and “Biological Toxin Bottle”. Klein suddenly discovered I have really caused a lot of troubles.
“Maveti shouldn’t have any particularly powerful magical items, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to escape before.” Daniz said happily, “He has a group of puppets and living corpses with him, and he also has several Sequence 7 and Sequence 8s. As the second officer of the flagship, since he is here, he should be the leader of the people nearby, we can consider hunting him first.”
Below high-sequence levels, when the number of Extraordinaries increases, a qualitative change will occur. The combination of different abilities is enough for them to defeat Extraordinaries who are stronger than themselves. Just like a team of Nighthawks can definitely win a Sequence 6, or even As in Sequence 5, Klein did not despise “Iron” Maiviti and his men just because he obtained “Creeping Hunger” and his strength greatly increased. He remained as cautious as ever.
You must plan your actions and be fully prepared. Well, the band and password obtained from “White Shark” can come in handy. When Miss Magician’s radio receiver is delivered, let Daniz monitor it daily and see. Can I get the corresponding information so that I can seize the opportunity to harvest quickly? I took advantage of this gap to look for the po