sed more on the two hundred battleships not far behind the presidential spacecraft.

After a period of hard work, Archbishop Choate also learned something about the federal warships.
Two hundred battleships are already a powerful combat force that can threaten level five experts. This shows that the Federation attaches great importance to President Bidel.
Archbishop Choate showed a hint of contempt on his face. This kind of using the power of foreign objects is simply the wrong development path.
The interstellar federation has experienced such abnormal growth because it did not have the radiance of God.
/Archbishop Choate flew out of the ‘Starry Sky Ship’. He pointed lightly at the world barrier with the scepter in his hand, and the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ emitted a pure white diaphragm.
This membrane passed through the world barrier, and something strange happened. After the membrane penetrated the world barrier, a pure white channel was formed in the middle of the world barrier.
This passage was connected to the front of the presidential spacecraft before stopping.
“President Biddle, due to identity issues, I cannot leave the Divine World. Let’s meet in this passage!” Archbishop Choate said loudly.
Archbishop Choate spoke in the divine language, and secretary Janet translated for President Bedell.
President Biddle’s face changed slightly. He did not expect Archbishop Choate to meet in this way.
He is just an ordinary person. Although there is a life-support system in his clothes, the life-support system has no defense. It is very dangerous to enter space directly.
President Biddle did not look at General David behind him. If he asked General David for his opinion, then Archbishop Choate opposite would definitely not see him, the federal president.
More importantly, General David did not wear a military uniform, he must not have wanted to expose himself.
If President Biddle exposes General David, General David will definitely be dissatisfied with him. He can still distinguish the importance of this kind of thing.
“Archbishop Choate, since you asked, let’s meet in the passage!” President Biddle nodded.
President Biddle naturally spoke in Commonwealth, and a priest next to Archbishop Choate was also translating for Archbishop Choate.
For a meeting of this level, even if Archbishop Choate mastered the federal language, he still needed an interpreter. This was a gesture.
When Archbishop Choate saw President Biddle’s agreement, he flew into the passage with two fifth-level priests and two fifth-level priests, and flew towards the middle.
To be honest, Archbishop Choate did not mean to make things difficult for the Interstellar Federation, but because he was the earthly representative of the God of War and could not leave the divine world.
Once he left the divine world, he lost contact with the God of War, and most of his strength was unable to be used. Those magical arts that needed to communicate with the God of War became mere decorations.
This is also the reason why the temple has only built five temples